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Last Sunday March 4th was the last of the three concerts of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra for the cinemascreens. It was the concert I had to see because my favourite Symphony was on the schedule (Anton Bruckner N°4) and Albrecht Mayer was supposed to play the oboe concerto D major by Richard Strauss. You can catch all info officially from the BPhil homepage … of course.

Here is an interview with Albrecht Mayer bout the concerto [blip.tv http://blip.tv/berlinphil/oboissimo-albrecht-mayer-5975434%5D

When I think of Richard Strauss I usually think of the hypnotic “jingle” of Twenty Century’s Fox … because these tunes are by Strauss “Und also sprach Zarathustra” which one is an absolutely stunning piece of orchestral work.

I haven’t heard the Oboe concerto before but I loved it a lot. Albrecht Mayer was at all seconds capable to let me sit in the theatre seat with open mouth cuz of full fascination. Damn it where do you take all your breath?! Do you have a second lung anywhere in the backdrop? I have to be honest that I don’t remember any typical sound shapes from this concerto. I was just full time fascinated by Mayers oboe play … completely. It was a very melodic sophisticated soundwave that spoiled my ears and I was very happy to see that. AND I am not sure as well whether I want to see it again … cuz it was just a kind of icing the cake.

The second part of the concert evening in the theatre was the Symphony Nr.4 by Anton Bruckner … that is obviously not a soundwave that is a perfect gigantic soundwall … a tsunami of soundexplosions that makes me often happy. So, I recently found out … that (not just the Concerto for Orchestra and Piano Nr3 by Rachmaninov but) Bruckner’s 4th is exactly as long as my journey from my home to my work. So I usually listen to soundexplosions when I need to get to work and I want to recover after work on my journeys.

Anyway, Bruckner is for me like a religion. I lately said to my mother that I have seen Bruckner’s 4th Symphony most often live in my short life. It is just the most spectacular symphony I know.

Here is a snippet from the 4th movement the finale

… it just brings me a lot of heartthrobs. I am weeping when I am listening to it … over and over again because it is so beautiful.

Back to the Berliner Philharmoniker … they just nailed this Symphony and I was a Fan before of the complete brass section of this Orchestra but after this evening … I am in deep love.

Christian Thielemann who directed the Berliner Philharmoniker did an awesome job.

You can watch the concert very soon at the Digital Concert Hall officially and I hope to get to see the Orchestra soon again live and/or in the theatre … with or without Popcorn.

P.S: Klaus Wallendorf who is Hornist at the Orchestra was the guide and the “Pausenclown” (honestly the whole theatre was laughing. You had to be there …)

P.S.2: A CD tip for anyone who is into horns … like I am … FOUR CORNERS by the Hornists of the Berliner Philharmoniker.