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the british band CALLING ALL ASTRONAUTS need you! they want you to take a picture of you and a piece of paper with a C or an A on it, for the album artwork. like these people did:

@EthanAPhipps EthanPhipps

2013 March 14 -

i asked DAVID BURY ( singer/keyboards/programming/producer) what this project is all about:

“We came up with the idea, as it ticks so many boxes for us, we see CAA as a kind of multimedia project, we have a message, we make the message through words, videos etc., we like to get people involved, it sounds clicked, but we are a band of the people for the people, we like to get people to get involved, I was listening to The Psychedelic Furs song “Blacks/Radio” which contains a Warhol line, which got me thinking about Andy’s “everyone will be famous for 15 minutes” quote which led to this idea. So we’ve asked everyone we know to pose with Either a C or an A take a picture of it and then send it to us at info@callingallastronauts.com, the response so far has been fabulous, I wasn’t sure at first if people would grasp it, but it seems to have inspired people across the social networks.”

IF THAT DOES INSPIRE YOU, you still have time to put in your two cents. deadline is wednesday.  email your photo to  info@callingallastronauts.com .

have a great start into this new week