this blog was created in 2008 by @nat_worx and @cherubimu . we wanted to create a place/space in the www to write about things that move our little world.

this blog is non profit. if you see ads in the blogposts it´s not ours, it´s a worpdress ad. we don´t make any money with this blog.

it´s all about sharing interests, thoughts and art.

we love to support young/new artists of any kind by blogging about album releases or writing concert reviews.

we blog about books and movies we love.

we post our own art , like poems and paintings and writings.

we soon took another author into our boat: my friend @spamdora joined our team.

we love to go to concerts together, we actually saw each other for the first time at a amanda palmer ninja gig in hamburg / germany.

in 2011 another contributer joined  us: @isobelpoe /jillaye  from the united states completed our international blog-team. finally someone with proper english 😉 .

follow @tcabam at twitter …



4 thoughts on “ALL THAT MATTERS…”

  1. So, I don’t need to write in crappy English anymore … yay for the Yankees. 🙂

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