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1964771_10153923553950010_436145742_nhey friends, it´s been a long time and i have great news for you:

the debut album of my friend J.E.L.L.i. “JUMP INTO THE FUZZ”  is now available on iTunes !

i had the chance to pre listen and i was really impressed and also surprised. i knew some demos and they developed to beautiful, this album is great and you need to check it out on iTunes RIGHT NOW!!! it´s rockmusic at it´s finest.

i´m listening to it over and over again and there is no bad or boring song on it.

the album starts rocking with “almost cought” and goes to melancholic “unbeautiful” . and “jenn”…if you know the demoversion from you tube, this is just unbelieveable. the guitar solo will rock your socks off…

the start of “eating a cookie” makes me laugh…oh the end of the song will make you want to hug this guy.

“rive” is beautiful arranged, powerful, melloncollie and lovely and “raining again” with these hopelessly romantic lyrics is just beautiful…do i repeat myself? BEAUTIFUL!!!

“white lines” was my favorite of the demos from 2008 (is it so long ago already?) and the “real” version is 100% better. such a power song!

when i heard “shadow factory” i almost fell from my couch, this guy can scream! yes, sing like a bird and scream like hell…fuck yeah…one of my favorite songs of this album. ROCK!

the intro of “autolife” is a dream, it´s like beeing at hawaii in the sun,sipping a drink, getting a massage…and you gotta listen to the lyrics, they are so good!

“starlight” is a sweet ballad about love, of course. very beautiful.

the last song on the album is “new ground” and that is another one that´ll get your butt off the seat. there is a really mindmelting guitar explosion at the end.

i´m afraid i sound like a 14 year old fan-girl, but i love every fucking tune of “JUMP INTO THE FUZZ” and i highly recommend you buy it!

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