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Yesterday I went to a concert. I was invited to a concert of the since 1979 existing band AND ALSO THE TREES (I paid my ticket for myself!!!) from the UK in the small club KNUST. Well the evening was anyhow a bit too long for me. Especially because of the support bands that sucked a lot. They were Dark Orange (who couldn’t sing) and The Noonday Dreams (who were terribly boring and couldn’t sing as well … or let’s say – the singer was too much in front of the sound and it was always better if they did more jamsession like music with beat and differences in sounds.) I thought the most time. “If you know one song, you’ll know any of them.

Anyway … I was waiting for AND ALSO THE TREES. I have to confess I didn’t know any of these songs and Tim who convinced me to come with to the show, just said, they’d be awesome. I knew before that AND ALSO THE TREES are a very old band and that they are anyhow friended with Robert Smith of The Cure. But I knew as well that I don’t have any perception and as well don’t have any expectations about the stuff that would come along. I was just hoping after that two crappy supports that it would be better.

This absolutely happened. I liked the stage presence of the whole band that did an acoustic set that was really wonderfully mixed and the sound was perfect to me at the back of the venue. I just kidnapped one barstool cause I couldn’t stand any more. I was too tired and too k.o. from the work. But anyway, this music of these English guys made me active at the bar stool. I was silently clapping with my hands and I was shaking my head to the rhythm and I felt really fine and I was happy to be there. It was a good decision to get there after work …

I cannot say which songs they played cuz I simply didn’t know any of them … but I will show you here some links of songs I can remember…

Slow Pulse one

^ This song was pretty amazing. I liked that really much and this was making me few seconds thinking about to dance. 🙂 But I didn’t I just enjoyed it.

Another impressing song was defintely this following one.

Virus meadow

After the show I just had to buy me the Minialbum “Driftwood” of them and one poster which one I am having now at my fridge.

I am very happy bout the evening and I will forget very fast the supports and I will look out for more stuff of AND ALSO THE TREES to hunt down.

Djum riab lia, spamdora