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[nat: der reader, please welcome our new author @isabella_isza !!! thank you girl, for your awesome first blogpost for out collaborative art blog! ]P1070648 Photo by @isabella_iszaI started listening to Smashing Pumpkins, a little late, in 2000 thanks to the video of The Everlasting Gaze and I went only to two live concerts, both in Italy. I think that with this second concert of 14 July 2013 in Rome, my city, I had the best experience of my whole life and that I will never forget. I got a complete Pumpkins thing, I started meeting Jeff Schroeder, then “the man itself” Billy Corgan to finish with an awesome and neverending concert! To go a little inside, I met Jeff thanks to a fluke; me and my friend Francesca were walking around the city all day long looking at band’s tweets and when we were a little discouraged he showed up from nowhere. We literally jumped screaming Jeff, Jeff, Jeff and he was frightened by us, but when he saw my Oceania shirt he made a smile and we took 2 pictures, he was really kind but very shy! I still can’t believe that we got to meet Billy, we found him early in the morning about to go sightseeing, I suppose! So we had the chance to talk with him a little, to grab some autographs and again 2 photos, he came out to be very funny, joking with us and being so so kind! We said goodby to him with a nice hug! The day after started the long waiting to gain first row at the concert, the waiting lasted about almost 6 hours under the sun to finish with me on stands and my friends on first row! The concert was opened by the american band Beware of Darkness, soon followed by the awesome Mark Lanegan, dressed in a complete black outfit, that started with “The Gravedigger’s Song” off to “Blues Funeral” then “Sleep With Me”, “Hit the City”, “Gray Goes Black”, “One Way Street”, “Black Rose Way” (Screaming Trees song), “Devil in my Mind” (Smoke Fairies cover), “Creeping Coastline of Lights” (Leaving Trains cover), “Phantasmagoria Blues”, “Harborview Hospital”, “Methamphetamine Blues”. The sun started going down, just the time to prepare the stage, two seconds of rain, then the Pumpkins arrived on stage! The crowd was warm and the band was in an good mood ready to rock everyone out! The setlist with 25 songs is one of the most longer of this tour, they played songs from almost all their discography (Oceania (6), Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (5), Siamese Dream (4), Gish (3), Zeitgeist (2), Adore (1), MACHINA/the machines of God (1), The Aeroplane Flies High (1) ):

Space Oddity (David Bowie cover)
Tonite Reprise
Tonight, Tonight
Ava Adore
Bullet with Butterfly Wings
One Diamond, One Heart
Pale Horse
Stand Inside Your Love
United States

Followed by two encores:

I Am One
Siva (with “Breathe” snippet by Pink Floyd)

Encore 2:
Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover)
Cherub Rock

The concert lasted 2 hours and a half, of complete awesomeness, during wich Billy talked with the crowd and joked about typical italians gestures and behaviours and the Roman crowd sang loud! I was so happy that I didn’t search for some official merchandising to buy, the experience was complete that way! So in 3 days I made some new friends, listened to a lot of good music and met my musical hero, I could not ask for more! oh and I also lost two kilos 🙂 I am so grateful, thank you Billy and thank you guys! See you next time!



[ nat: and thank you francesca for allowing me to post your photo!!! ]