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since last friday i am watching live streams at night . live streams from turkey.

since last friday twitter explodes about tweets from and about #occupygezi .


here is a video i found today, it pretty much tells everyone in a simple way, what the protests are about. and believe me, i don´t think it is funny in any way.

even if this video may look funny, the reason why it was made is not funny at all.

i read at twitter about a man who is worried about his 70 year old mother, when he sees her street in the news. gassed by the police of istanbul. his mother is in a hospital now, because of breathing problems.

here is another video

also i recommend you visit http://showdiscontent.com/ which is a fabulous and very visual documentation from day one until now and it´s continuously updated.

and if i was in turkey now i would be arrested for this post and for tweeting about it.

today i can´t believe we read that turkey´s PM is going to demolish the park despite protests…

what a crazy world …