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I got hooked by the penetrating advertisement of this installation at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg. So, I went to it this afternoon with a good friend of mine and hoped to experience an extraordinary experience.

Well … let’s talk about Antony Gormley first.
He is a British sculptor first of all … and does drawings and shows – like Horizon Field as well. After researching for his work before I went to Horizon Field I think I like his sculptures a lot. Not kidding. Antony Gormley was born in 1950 in London. Tomorrow is his 62nd birthday. His best known sculpture is the Angel of the North in Gateshead, County Tyne and Wear in England. I really like it. Really do.

Anyway, I went to the exhibition hall with strange feelings. I read that the Horizon Field will be opened until Sep 16th … one week longer than planned … so, I had to go.

You will find in that emptied hall a steel platform 7.4 metres from the ground, with heavy dimensions, heavy steel, acoustic cells etc. pp. It’s weight is about 39.4 tonnes. It is gigantic. Really. Nothing against it.

Antony Gormley says: “This entire project could be seen as the translation of a vast painting into a literal sounding board for the spirit and conciousness of the viewer. There is no subject of this work other than the people who participate in and on it.” (taken from the official flyer by http://www.deichtorhallen.de)

Well, I could feel the vibrations by walking barefoot on this steel platform. And I am sure I gave this work anyhow a bit of my energy in. BUT: I didn’t get anything back. I was standing there … (and was sitting there) and I didn’t get any input into spirit and conciousness. The only thing I thought was “Wow, what a great culture medium for athlete’s foot.” – during the whole time on this Horizon Field. As fast as I went onto it. I wanted to get off. I was just horrified and indescribable paranoid. Maybe … I just didn’t want to get the message of this piece of art. But I gave it a try.

It is for free. So if you want to find out yourself. Go and look out for it. And give me a feedback. I just cannot and will not be one of those people who say “Wow, yeah, this was amazing.” It just wasn’t amazing for me. Even without the athlete’s foot fact. It was just a steel plateform in 7.4m above the ground that vibrates if enough people walk, jump, move on it.

More info about it anyway here:

Deichtorhallen Hamburg