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I ( @spamdora )was winning  two tickets for Frankie Rose last week  here in Hamburg and I took fabulous Natascha ( @nat_worx ) with me to see this cute Lady from Brooklyn, NYC. And the even more fabulous support Tom Klose from Hamburg.

Hamburg lives from a good scene of small exciting clubs like the Molotow that is threatened by the possibility of getting closed because the house where it is located in is on destruction plans. I absolutely can’t and won´t like it. The Molotow is a pearl in the Hamburg Music Scene. You can explore so much new music in it. It’ always a surprise.

Anyway, yesterday Frankie Rose was on the schedule together with the support of Tom Klose.

Tom Klose is a young musician … originally from Flensburg. He studies in Hamburg and has his own band (with drums and Cello). His songs are singer songwriter, pop, folky style and as a support of Frankie Rose alone without the band … he was absolutely convincing. I liked the set very much. He recently released his EP “Come Closer” you can purchase at bandcamp, iTunes and at his concerts.I recently got my copy via bandcamp. Yay.

My highlights of his set were “Phoenix” and “Born a Lion” was slightly cool. I even more liked the song with the “imagine the drums and e-guitars”. You could feel it really and you could see Toms fun on stage, he really imagined the whole band in his head and it was amazing to see him.

Well, we support the local heros …

The support was very shortlasting and the time for Frankie Rose was very fast about to come. By the way, Nat and me had beautiful places to sit/stand in the really small club. AND it is like always … the most tallest person stands in front row/middle. It is always the same. But honestly this was the only mistake on this evening.

Miss Frankie Rose is a pretty small but powerful Lady.

She is from Brooklyn, New York City. I never ever heard of her before. I am honest. I just wanted to get to a concert for free and so I applied for a contest and I did win. So, I had the opportunity to get to know Frankie Rose. The Molotow guys wrote an introduction to her vita even those bands she was playing in I never consumed before. So, Frankie Rose was pretty new to me. I just new some video clips I found and I usually don’t judge bout music when it comes from CD. I always want to see it live. I am a live consumer. So, I was very very much looking forward to the show.

I liked the show. Absolutely. It was a set full of small explosive entertaining driving songs. Frankie Rose and the band (2 ladies and 2 men) were interacting pretty well. They were funny. “I usually play sets of 20 minutes. When I was on my way to Europe they said – play 40 min. Phew. :)” … “Hey Rose, we’re here in Hamburg – play 120 minutes.” Everyone was laughing. The Molotow was really packed with lots of people. That was amazing for the band but anyhow not good for the aircirculation. It was getting from minute to minute hotter. Frankie Rose did wear a jacket and she didn’t took it off until the Encores. Quote: “Oooh, it seems so, we are trapped.”
Someone in the crowd asked the band how they do like Hamburg. She answered “Well, it’s slutty.we´ve only been to this neighbourhood.”

The evening was a very hot, funny, shortlasting and rocking evening in the most sluttiest but coolest part of Hamburg and me, for my part, was very happy to be a witness to it. I bought the newest output of Frankie Rose and I have to say, I liked the Live Show much more. I usually like the rough sound of the stage more. But anyway, Frankie Rose is someone you shouldn’t miss. Her tour goes on in Europe.

We finished our evening with a good sip of Mango Juice in the best curry house of Hamburg and will hopefully other great shows very soon..

More info bout Tom Klose: Official Homepage
More info bout Frankie Rose: Official Homepage