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after last years desaster i decided to feature this bad bad song contest again because it´s just fun to bitch about the costumes, the songs, the singers,the dancers…yes that´s mean. but so much fun!

here is an entry that WOULD have won for germany IF it was nominated…by the one and only CHERUBIMU!!!

the lyrics are great:

when LOL cats cry, rainbows die

and a robothorse is searching for freedom in conscience

it is war of words

and everything is going to be fine

at the freeway exit ramp

i found myself

the sweet corn is high

and the fish are jumping    –(twinkle,twinkle)

and it´s summertime and it´s summertime

white stripes in the blue sky

try to fill up the ozone layer

and in japan the core is melting

radiation makes the summer hot

the LOL cats have two heads

but the lobby doesn´t mind

doubts without hope

and doomsday is here

the gate to hell

like every year

ESC is back again

ESC is the hell

eyepain and earache

shit songs

shit singers

and the dancers oh geez oh geez

ESC is the hell

eyepain and earache

AIN´T THAT SOME LYRICS EH? we just realized that it sounds much better sung in english…and ESC ist not ESCAPE but it´s almost the same…no seriously:it´s the twitter hashtag. i´ll be tweeting live from the ESC, gonna watch a livestream…

i´m totally aware of the fact that this is sick…but it´s fun.

♥ nat