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Saxony has some bands and musicians that seem to be very representative these days in Germany … like Kraftklub (which I don’t like), Silbermond (which one I don’t like either). Back in 1997 I was studying in Zwickau and I was witness to the Record Release Party of the debut album of THE VILLAINS. I liked their show but I still cannot remember why I didn’t buy their stuff on that evening. I probably was as often later and before madly broke. So, anyway. I read later from time to time of these guys and I was hoping to have the chance to see them live again. But anyhow I couldn’t make it to any other concert and I didn’t recognize the release of their second album SLOW TRAIN. It was released in 2009. So, some years later I just realised that I have to apologize.

The whole album “Slow Train” is a sophisticated alternative music with deeply touching lyrics and sounds that gets deep into my music loving heart. I absolutely love the arrangements and the singing voice. (That is usually one of the important stuff I have to like … next to drums and bass …) I like the Villains sound. It is not overwhelming. It is anyhow great relaxing music to me.

The band sings in English and German and I like both of it.

If you want to know more about the band … check them out.

@Youtube: thevillainsde
@homepage: The Villains

And P.S: One of the most touching song with German lyrics and in cooperation with Eric Fish … “Wieso sitzen sie da” … was the single of Slow Train.