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I lately went to cinema to watch the audience hit of last years Hamburg Filmfest and the hit in the “homecountry” Norway from 2010 by Marius Holst – King of Devil’s Island.

The synopsis … the story is about a prison for young boys that actually existed between 1900 – 1953 (as I do remember). The island Bastøy is a small island 50km south ot Oslo. The picture story takes place in 1915 when one really “bad” boy enters with an other one the Island. His story will be told.

The prison director (Stellan Skarsgård) tries to teach those young boys with christian passion and with strict rules. His colleagues are rough and fulfill the rules with psychological terror and physical terror. The new prisoner is a kind of Messiah to these imprisoned boys and you will see his rising and falling in 2 hours of heartshattering, earthbreaking amazing play by that complete cast. The people who work at the prison are convincing but the young boys are brillant. The movie is not popcorn. You have to want to see it. The setting is extremely dark (as you can see in the trailer) and the music is stunning. I was happy to see this motionpicture pearl and I absolutely understood the wish of those boys to leave the prison. None wants to stay there (Besides the fact that fleeing was incredibly different.) AND the Soundtrack to it is terrifying beautiful.

This picture started in German theatres two weeks ago. If you can watch it as well, give it a chance. More info bout it @ IMDB: King of Devil’s Island