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Dear readers. I love books. Most of all, I love to buy them. Yes, you read it right. I buy more books than I actually can read. It is a lust. It is a tragic lust. I like to read books any kind of genre … except of those that are uberhyped, chiclits, horror and vampire pieces. I don’t know what to do with them. I have some of those in my “library” as well but anyway, that is not the topic I wanted to write about. I said, I got a serious problem in usually buying more books that I can read. The real problem is I usually have less bookshelf space then I’d need for the books. AND I don’t care whether my books are hardcover or softcover. I love to smell paper pages. I really don’t care whether the books look pretty new or they are extremely old. Any part have their pros and contras. But the stuff I really care about is … not to waste too much money I don’t have AND to be not triggered to buy more books. (FYI: I read books as well … )

The absolute contra in buying hardcovers are: they are usually heavier, more expensive and take more space in a bookshelf than Softcovers. The pro of Hardcovers is definitely … there are no triggering pages at the end of the book that usually includes Reviews of Books that are similar to the Genre or other books of the author or other lately released books of the publishing house … it is deathly – for me as a bookbuying junkie.

I don’t want to rape my books in slicing these pages out … so I have to learn to resist in looking at those last pages. I usually cannot (especially now as I know where to buy books online.) With having a new job – I had to break with my rules of 2012 (Don’t buy new books until you have installed a new bookshelf). But I learned to get into one bookstore and to leave the analog bookstore with either not buying more than 2 books or not paying more than 30 Euros. It is sometimes pretty hard. But I make it. I lately forgot this rule … when I went shopping online. Damn it.

So, this lovely post goes out to anyone who suffers with the same “serious” problems … Books for the world. Reading makes beautiful. And … you can suspect more book reviews by myself. I want to do it now more often here at this blog (and not only concert, music, ballett, modern art stuff).