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hi friends, i watch a lot of tv shows…usually in english and not in german because i often dislike the translation (i´m from germany) . and the jokes…also the  jokes  get lost in translation…very often.

so let´s start with some thoughts about SPARTACUS .

the first season BLOOD AND SAND was about how spartacus was fooled by the roman glaba, got into slavery and became THE gladiator.

if you know the tv show ROME you will like the pictures of the landscapes (all computer made) and the custumes. if you like blood and sex you will also love this show…it is very violent and bloody. the sex scenes are kind of pornoesk and the fighting scenes are pure splatter. absolutely ridiculous! noone can bleed so much.

and i always wonder how the gladiators manage to have white teeth a dentist would be jealous of. they get so much beaten up, kicked into the face and bleed so much…they would all have no more teeth …in real. but it´s tv, i know…

ok, spartacus becomes the legendary gladiator he was, rises against the romans, slaughters everyone he can and breaks out with some other gladiator friends and houseslaves.

the second season now is all about VENGEANCE.

the people of spartacus free some slaves, mostly beautiful women and strong men and want to go to rome and kill them all.

is it only me or does anyone else think that the second season is much more bloody than the first season? really, it is so hard to watch that i turn my head away…

well, and they exchanged the actor who plays the spartacus. that was strange at the beginning. i don´t like the new spartacus…he always has so pink lips…

and now in the second season they have new friends…maybe you realized that they speak german with the new folks they freed from slavery? or something that sounds like german. it´s funny to me. the original tv show translates the german talking with subtitles. and there was one word absolutely wrong. the guy said: ARSCHGESICHT and the subtitle translates it to CUNT. i think that is important because ASCHGESICHT means ASSFACE. that´s what i really wanted to say all the time ;).

well…all in all: a good tv show. a lot of violent-sexy-history with slowmotion stabbing and extreme close up bleeding.

great pictures,  good actors , white teeth, i´m glad i can´t smell them…

i hope you liked that, i´ll post more tv show reviews soon 🙂

♥ nat