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It is definitely very very helpful to know that you can trust on one thing. I LIKE TRAINS will not forget how to do awesome fascinating catchy music. These boys from Leeds, UK just jumped into my heart with their music when I just simply stopped to listen to straight metal tunes which I was listening to for years. I just did the whole journey from folk/pagan/speed/death/trash/power – Metal and back … but I always was looking for the stuff that could fulfill my heart at any time … not only at times when I need noise. I need music. I need melodies and a beautiful singing. I need different and exciting beats. I need a gentle mixture of all of this. I LIKE TRAINS provides me everything.

Today I received the download link for THE SHALLOWS. I preordered the album some weeks ago and that is just the way of thank you I received from the band. THE SHALLOWS is their third regular album after ELEGIES TO LESSONS LEARNT and HE WHO SAW THE DEEP. THE SHALLOWS sound is to me a chill-sound. ELEGIES was the dark album. THE DEEP was for me the catchy one and THE SHALLOWS is just made from one piece. It has a typical sound and it is absolute honey to my ears. I love it a lot. I like the electronic gimmicks in it. I love the melodies and as much as I could listen to the lyrics … I usually don’t listen to lyrics during the first times … I do like them as well a lot.

David Martins singing is for me in an absolute relaxing tune. The arrangements of all the songs – 9 in total are brillant and I have to admit that my faves are “Beacons” (perfect song to start an album), “Mnemosyne” is the perfect single and during the last big tour I massively fell in love with “The Shallows”. The studio version gives me hell of lot more reasons. I like really much “The Turning of the Bones”. As much as I said that the sound of the album is a kind of chilling attitude to any of the songs, but I am sooooo thrilled to hear them live. This music makes me dance. I cannot sit still while listening to it. It is just impossible. I have been walking this afternoon with the music at my iPod and I was walking in the rhythm of all these songs. These songs are drugs. They are fast as the heart beats and they make me sometimes shiver because of their beauty and very often they just step over my internal ICF (instant cry factor). I started to weep while listening more intense to the lyrics and “Reykjavik” is the song that fulfills any positive parts a good song has to have. THANX so much to David, Guy, Simon, Alistair and Ian … thanx.

More info about I LIKE TRAINS right here at the blog and at Facebook

Actual tourdates promoting the album THE SHALLOWS:
May 5th – LIVE AT LEEDS (Festival)
May 7th – London, UK @ Borderline
May 12th – Manchester, UK @ Manchester Soup Kitchen
May 22nd – Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso
May 23rd – Geleen, NL @ De Boerderij
May 24th – Bern, CH @ ISC
May 25th – Luzern, CH @ Schuur
May 26th – Basel, CH @ Biomill
May 28th – Wave Gotik Treffen – Leipzig, GER
May 29th – Rotterdam, NL @ Rotown
Aug 14th – Paredes de Coura Festival – Porto, POR

I hope more dates will come … 🙂 (Hamburg, Germany misses you)

OH YEAH … the album will be officially released on May 7th 2012 at ILR. You can still preorder the regular versions of the album here. Just do it and enjoy.