No Plan To Happiness

Affirmation: Sometimes following your joy guides you in the direction to be there in any way that you can to help heal someone’s life.  Life is miraculous, life is beautiful. I choose life!

You know I wrote that affirmation, but I’m more than sure it was Durek who taught me that. 

My friend, my soul brother, Durek Verrett (Shaman Durek) needs a kidney transplant. His sister, Angelina Verrett-Byrne is donating her kidney. Kidney transplants now days are a very successful, somewhat simple procedure. It’s still major surgery however. With Durek, it’s a bit more complicated so after surgery he will actually be quaranteened for some time. Rather then go into detail about the complexities of Durek’s surgery I encourage you to watch the video where he explains it all.

Due to the extensive costs of surgery and recovery time, Durek and his family need help financially. It would be so much appreciated if…

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