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Human Tetris

Human Tetris is a classical Rockband in tradition of darker more independent 80s sound. Their sound is like a descendent angel from the good 80s sound. you know?! Even if you don’t know …

I love it.

When I heard them for the first time, I just remembered the very very catchy beats and the absolutely astonishing beautiful voice.

– people –

After listening to this … I wanted to hear more of them … and I found a lot of more at the net and was falling desperately in love cuz they didn’t had an album out I could buy … or and they were not on tour.

Songs I listened to it for ages before they started their Europe tour last week …

– our love ends –

– things I don’t need –

And you probably think you might have heard such sound before … yeah … as I said before early 80s … anywhere leased from Britain. 🙂 … BUT I love this Russian edition besides the fact that I never had the chance to see those guys like Joy Division …

Anyway, I think it was two weeks ago when Human Tetris announced that they have finished their album and that they release it for free to the world of music maniacs. I went completely crazy here in the icebrick of Hamburg AND I noticed the fact that Hamburg was on the tour schedule for Europe.

the tour will bring them now as well to:
11.02.12 DE Leipzig
12.02.12 DE Dresden
13.02.12 AU Vienna
15.02.12 AU Feldkirch
16.02.12 DE Regensburg
17.02.12 DE Munich
18.02.12 SW Schaffhausen
19.02.12 SW Luzern
20.02.12 DE Wurzburg
21.02.12 DE Freiburg
22.02.12 DE Bielefeld
23.02.12 FR Paris
24.02.12 DE Oberhausen
25.02.12 Secret show to be revealed on Feb 12

So, I downloaded the album from their official Homepage.

- picture by humantetris.webs.com -

I felt completely in love after listening to it and I was even more happy that I could go to the concert after my long work on Sunday. I was pretty happy to have two of my friends with me, anyway.

So, last Sunday the concert in Hamburg took place at one small bar/restaurant/location called “Aalhaus” in Hamburg Altona. I could walk to the location (besides after getting home from it by walking in the night and with the help of my friends who gave me directions) … I wouldn’t find it again … *lol* … I am kind of disoriented.

The little bar was packed with a great bunch of interessed people … who obviously came by the help of a lot of mouth propaganda.

There was a support … a loving couple that made music called “Magic poetry”. They were kind of cute but I dunno … I think I just liked one song of them and after (10 hours working) I was slightly tired and couldn’t concentrate myself on new things. I just wanted to enjoy HUMAN TETRIS.

They played the most songs I knew before … like this one …

– silver tears –

I liked their chilling relaxed attitude on stage. I liked the sound (the soundmix of the support was horrible). The lightning on stage was pretty small anyhow. I did enjoy the moving audience and the moved band. I am very sure they liked it in Hamburg. It was great to listen to some new interpretations of the “oldies” … and I liked their Eurythmics cover. That was fun. Human Tetris is a band you should have seen these days. They really rock. And before I leave you with those extremely non intellectual and just emotional feelings bout HUMAN TETRIS and some videos … I will post another video … of a song from their latest released album …

– insanity –

Besides the fact: Any objective descriptions about their incredible live performance and their music from album cannot be found. I just have to simply nail it down with the words: “A good combination of awesome beats, at least a guitar and very awesome singing – is much love to my ears.”

More info you can get at:

  • their Homepage
  • their Facebook account
  • their Bandcamp Page
  • their youtube channel