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My sister lately gave me this book (The German edition got released in 2011 – English Edition is released right now). She said “You will maybe find yourself in these lines.” And she was right.

I am that kind of person that is not so fond of having party and putting myself in the spotlight. You know, I am not afraid of people. I really love people. I like smalltalks as well but I desire more the deeply serious talks. I am interested in many things and I love to share this knowledge but I am usually not the person who starts the discussions. I am not the one that wants to do the presentations. There are really many reasons I find not to do. I like to work in a team but I am never the leader. I am usually the creative backup.

And I love to hang around by myself. I never feel bored. I am not feeling really lonely. I am seeking my friends and usually I really care about them. I am a sucker for the quiet moments in my life. So, that doesn’t mean, I wouldn’t go out. But I have absolutely not a problem to get to a concert for myself. I have the best ideas at home alone. I can reproduce them best in a team but I can built them alone best. I need my own time, my own space.

Anyway, I found myself in this book. The book is an hommage to Introverts. It is a very very kind view to those people that usually stand in the second row. It is a book that fights against predjudices. It is a really honest lovestory to introverts that usually have kind of problems in a world that seems to be dominated by extroverts.

It is a book for introverts and for extroverts and for those who don’t know whether they are the one or the other … or more or less a cool mixture.

I am very happy bout that book because I am even more proud now of my concernings how to survive in this extroverts dominated world. I can be proud of myself and it really gave me selfesteem. I have to learn it, definitely. I am thinking too much. Absolutely. But this is not wrong. I learned.

More info about Susan Cain and the book you can catch: here