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Sometimes you might forget it that in a globalized world we have to share the world with different and special and very individual people. We want to do it and we have to do it. Otherwize globalisation doesn’t work. A world that works with a lot of very individual interests and a lot of different specialized knowledge can only work if you live the diversity. You have to live and learn from other people and you have to accept it in all kinds. Diversity means there are differences and that it is quite cool to have differences in the world. It makes life richer and more beautiful. I like it and I live it completely. So it starts for my part … in my wardrobe, in my bookshelf and at my CD collection. Yes, I still buy CDs if I have the option – I am about to get CDs.

I want to tell you about the diversity in my CD collection. You know … from all of my music review posts that I am kind of Fan and obsessed by music of singer / songwriters, Dark / Punk cabaret, all those pretty much dark stuff of the Goth Rock / Dark Wave / Death Rock / Post Punk Scene. That is pretty much of diversity I have to admit but there are music pearls to find in my music shelfs besides the fact I am obsessed by classical music and the Gothic Scene.

So, I gonna give you just two pretty cool diverse music suggestions that make me happy … make me regularly heartthrobs. Music is essential for me. I need it daily. I can live without a book, I can live without TV, movies, communicating with people … but I cannot live without music.

Here are now some music suggestions that you probably wouldn’t believe I call my own and I am not embarrased to call them my own. Usually I have a history / story to each piece of music that I buy. And I have it all in my heart. It sticks like glue. It just belongs to me. Usually music is convincing me after I have seen an artist live. I usually don’t start to love music just from listening from radio besides the fact I am not listening to radio anymore since ages. I buy music after a good concert or I just check it out with the help of other peoples suggestions. Music has to touch me. For each emotion another single soundtrack. Some artists work for everything. But there are a lot of musicians I just listen to special times or I stick them to single seasons. 🙂

BO SKOVHUS – Songs by the Sea – A Scandinavian Journey
Bo Skovhus is a very wellknown Baritone in the Opera Scene based in Vienna, born in Denmark and brillant on stage performing in Operas or for Recitals. I am a Fan of him. At least, he took me the fear to get to one Opera. At least when he is appearing. All the stuff I have seen with him yet, was brillant. I fell in love with his voice and the drama parts by the help of this album. It is I have to admit the only album with a popular opera singer that I am listening to regularly. Songs by the Sea is an album that features just Scandinavian composers. The Danish National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Michael Schønwandt. I didn’t know any of these pieces before and I just knew the composer Carl Nielsen because I once have seen one Flute concert of him performed by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra live. Anyway, I like the songs and the small song cycles. If I just would understand any scandinavian language that would be perfect. But it is not necessary at all to understand the lyrics. You just need to close your eyes, listen to it loud and you can dive into the dramatic settings in Scandinavia. You will get info about the works with the liner notes. The sound is fat. Bo Skovhus singing is unbelievable great and perfect to fall in love.

Ani diFranco – selftitled debut album
Ani diFranco is a very selfesteem cool US American singer songwriter with awesome lyrics and very rough just with guitar added folksongs. I just love it. The album is legendary … it was released in 1990 and Ani di Franco released as one of the first artists ever her albums always on her own record label. She didn’t want to be bought by the majors and she did resist to have her freedom in creativity in any kinds of directions. My fave song of that album is obviously Talk to me now (the link goes to her official homepage!). Catch up with the most cutest info bout this album at the official page and if you like it. Dive into the Ani diFranco world and get more of her stuff. She is a very productive artist. It is all worthy to have. Promised.