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Okay, I have a serious problem. I love biathlon. I am interested in lot of sports but biathlon is the most exciting one. I don’t do it. I love to watch it. I have to tell you that winter is for me exactly the time between the first and the last Biathlon World Cup. I need to watch all / each / exactly totally any single race of each season. I have to. I feel sick when I miss one. I have been to some Worldcup Races live in Ruhpolding. Some years ago. I loved it.

So, what! When does this fandom start?! I don’t know it … I think it was anytime in the early 90s. I remember my stepdad was watching regularly crosscountry skiing events. In the early 90s it was still too boring for me because crosscountry ski started anywhere in the stadium and went directly into the woods and then there happened nothing exciting for me. Biathlon is exciting … as much as Nordish combination … but I like Biathlon more. It is the combination of crosscountry skiing and shooting. You know, I am not a fan of weapons at all but as long as it is just for this sport that is great. Because the athletes cannot trust only in their crosscountry skiing skills. They have to shoot pretty well to win a race. It is always necessary to shoot no mistakes. In some races you have to do extra crossskiing meters for each fault and in one you get 1 min punishment for each one. I cannot describe you how much I suffer with each athlete when they have to shoot. I am fighting with them anyhow.

I remember when I started to watch it at TV. There were still legends in the Worldcup like Magdalena Forsberg and Liv Grete Skjelbreid … who later married the awesome Raphael Poirée. He was one of my fave biathletes … But most of the time I honestly do have a heart for those guys who cannot shoot. Because you are even more happy when they do it well like Alexander Wolf (who is by now actually injured and not in the Worldcup Team) .. Frode Andresen (who is actually pretty bad and didn’t get a ticket for the A Class of the Norwegian Team.)

Usually you are not allowed to interrupt me when I am watching biathlon. Is a kind of religion for me. Some people love tennis, some love soccer/football and I am mad about biathlon.

Actually I really like the emotions of the fans and the up and downs of all the athletes within one race. I am always happy when someone different is winning. But I am not annoyed when some Norwegian or a German is at the top at the end. 🙂

More info about biathon … you can get at International Biathlon Union IBU

This years World Masterships (which one takes each year place in Biathlon) will happen in Ruhpolding

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all pictures done at the Worldcup in Ruhpolding 2009

Edith says: Biathlon is not art, is it?! IT IS ART. It is the art to combine crosscountry ski & shooting and to be fit in the moment. I believe in it.

Edith says: The Fandom started in 1988 when I had to do a poster documentation about the East German Winners at the Winter Olympic Games in Calgary. I was forced to watch everything where an East German sportsmen/women did attend and I do remember now, that biathlon was the most interesting stuff. By the way, the documentation was called “Goldrush in the Rocky Mountains”. And it was a sport where an East German did win. Both races … Frank-Peter Roetsch