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I lately found this cool blog: My earliest memory and I want to share it with you … anyhow.

My earliest memory
I don’t know whether I really want to share you my first memory because I am sure that this memory is just built up in cause of quotes at family parties and these stories are coming all the way again and again and finally you really believe that you do remember.
Well, my first memories are probably in that summer after the car accident I had. (I was running into one car … I remember this … still very exactly but I don’t want to share it here). Anyway, after that accident and three days at the hospital, I needn’t to get to kindergarden and so I stayed at home. At that time I was really addicted to papercraft stuff. My steptdad was working at one publishing house and he created papercraft stuff and I was his beta test girl. I remember I was sitting in the sunshine with some papercraft stuff, a lot of different cutters, really addictive glue Duosan Rapid at the camping table. I was in my world. None could stop me. I remember that one wish for christmas once was 10 tubes of Duosan Rapid. just for creative stuff. I fear, that this wish wasn’t because of that brillant glue abilitys. I fear I was kind of solvent addictive. I loved that smell. Really. It made me always high. 🙂

I really wished to find more papercraft stuff in bookstores nowadays. I am doing now a lot of Origami but it doesn’t make me so happy as the oldschool papercraft did.

I remember that I did the beta testing of the finally reissued “Alte Wasserkunst”

And as long as the wall wasn’t tear down and my steptdad was still working in Berlin at one publishing house. He did all the stuff for one papercraft collection for the West German market called Ted Aktiv Mappe. I was able to betatest them all the way as well and I felt pretty honoured. 🙂 Yeah, these are my most beloved earliest memories.

So, you can see, there haven’t been memories that happened with friends cuz I didn’t had friends in my childhood. There were people with whom I could get along pretty well but really friends? I dunno, unfortunately. I was always the strange one that could do stuff for herself with lots of passion and fun.