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Yes, when you are unemployed like me and you force your brain not to rust you are looking for some exciting stuff to do. There are many options for me … painting, writing, reading books (DFW Infinite Jest) … and other stuff but I just had massive fun during the last days to learn vedic maths which is invented in old India. That was pretty exciting and makes working and playing with numbers sooooo easy and joyful.


I learned how to do the vedic arithmetic … Hey do you want to know how to do it fast to find an answer for 998×887

998 >>>> there is 2 til you get 1000

887 >>>> there is 113 needed to get to 1000

calculate the 887 MINUS the 2 >>> 885
calculate the 2 PLUS the 113 >>> 115


So, you finally get : 885.115 — that is the answer for 998×887=885.115

I was completely fascinated by this version to calculate. I didn’t learned it that way at school. But it makes it soo easy to calculate. The Indian man said, it would work only for numbers that are close to the 10.

More info about Vedic Arithmetics you can get HERE where you can test and practise yourself as well.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this fun with you and as long as mathematics is art as well. I had to post it here.

Have fun.