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Peeling Grey is a “young” (because formed in June 2008) band from L.A. These are Andy Smith (vocals, bass), Naren Renz (keyboard) and James Hazley (drums, percussions and backup vocals). I don’t know them in person. I got to know their music with the help of f(r)iends from L.A. I got to know at the Wave Gotik Treffen some years ago (Dave and Jenn Bats – who are promoting them very very well at their Release the Bats Partys). They gave me the the self produced Demo – EP “The Peeling Sessions” that included four songs that were brillant and those made me want to hear and listen to more stuff. I am kind of cursed to live in Germany and not in L.A. (ehm, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change any town for Hamburg. I love Hamburg and I will stay here as long as possible but meh …) … so I haven’t had the chance yet to see them live in person. I really would love to.

Anyway, today I found in my post box the well by Andy Smith lately advertised debut album The World’s not sorry. I am a bit late in calling it my own because it was released in February 2011 but anyhow I slept last year concerning this music. Probably. But it doesn’t hurt at all cuz now … it included the wonderful lyrics book A play on words and it was a bit like a belated X-mas and birthdaypresent to me. And you know I am a massive music consumer and I don’t care about different music styles. I like diversity in my music shelf.

The album includes 11 songs. Four of them I know from the demo EP, yet and … this music is a killer. Just listen to it…

Peeling Grey is Post Punk. The sound of the whole album is very earthy. It’s coming directly from the soundstage. I can hear it. I like it. I don’t like overproduced albums. I like music that doesn’t overwhelms me. I like music that I don’t got obsessed by the first listening. I want to explore it. Peeling Grey is as I have to confess such band. There is a lot to explore with each more playing. It is exactly that kind of stuff I like most in music. Exciting singing voices, anything else than boring drums.

I like the lyrics a lot. It is very catchy music and makes me want it to experience it live. Now.

As much as I really would love to write more about the album. I cannot because I just have heard it only three times yet but I was just excited to finally have it. Give it a chance to your ears. Listen to the soundcloud and then get the album. It is only $ 9.99. I got it without any complications from the USA to my home address.

Catch more info about Peeling Grey at following links (I am today just too squeeish in the moment).
Official Homepage
Facebook Peeling Grey
Twitter Peeling Grey

The best chance to see Peeling Grey live is … to watch out for any event at Release the Bats. They frequently appear there. More info bout Release the Bats @ FB page.

Well, the World’s probably not sorry for me … but I am sorry, that I haven’t bought this album earlier.