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I went lately to theater to watch two motionpictures. The first one is the almost decorated and much acclaimed and Golden Globe nominated (for many reasons I can understand) The Help and the other one is the really amusing and entertaining Hysteria

The Help started in German theaters on Dec 8th. The story is setted into the time of American civil rights movement when a young white woman who wants to become an author is collecting stories by Afroamerican Maids about their work for white people. There are many many problems of open racism. But those African-American maids who got absolutely convincing portrayed by the actresses show courage, humour and power.

This picture is definitely a women movie. It is not just a picture that shows the power of Afro American in a White dominated society. It shows the power of women that have selfesteem and that believes in courage. This motionpicture is a very important picture and I am very happy that it got honoured by recently some SAG Awards and the at least mentioned Golden Globe nominees. Brillant actresses, brillant screenplay, brillant dialogues. Go and watch it. By the way … The Help was and is an excellent ensemble movie. The whole casting was outstanding.

The second picture I have been watching was:

Hysteria featuring the brillant Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hugh Dancy and Jonathan Pryce. It started in Germany on Dec 22nd. I was highly amused like all the others at the theater while watching this picture. It is about one practising doctor that fails in most clinics while proposing hygienic standards and “modern” medicine in early 20th century London. He found a job as an assistant to a doctor that was “healing the very hip Hysteria” in the higher middle class of the society. The young doctor invented with his friend – a fan of electronic stuff – the vibrator. Of course there is an incredible love story included and the dialogues are killing. I haven’t seen an audience having so much fun since ages.

The movie will be out in English speaking countries in Spring 2012 as I heard. Yeah, we are first … what an honor.