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Lately there were the news from the Duckdalben that they got elected by Seamen as the best International Seafarer’s Dignity worldwide. I visited the Duckdalben once. It was on Newyearsday. I used to do some cool trips at my birthday. So, my wish was it to get to the “Freihafen” (Toll free Zone) Harbour of Hamburg.

Last year there was a lot of snow and it was bonechilling cold. I wanted to have some tea and cake together with my family and so we decided to get it there in a place where we were the strangers. I mean, we were just those crazy tourists from the city who wanted to look what it is like at this Club.

But you knew exactly that … while entering the house and still being the stranger … you are a welcome guest and it is not a problem for anyone who is working there nor for anyone who is regularly as a seaman there that you are feeling strange. The tea and the cake were probably not the best ones I ever ate but those came from heart.

Anyone who is working there do it with a passion. The whole atmosphere in the house is very relaxed besides the fact the most seamen are just for few hours at “land” and / or the Club at all. You could see people laugh, make music, chill, chat, phonecall, eat, drink, playing snooker, daddle at computer …

It was an extremely awesome experience to listen to all those different languages in such a small area. You know the language mix at one international airport but you cannot compare it at all to this place.

I couldn’t stop watching and listening like a voyeur.

At the second floor there was the “silent room” that represents all religions. You can find in one room places for all major religions. It is a pretty cool place. You could find there at that time (1/1/2011) a gallery of portraits from Seamen that was amazingly beautiful and a lot of history stuff. I was really diving in with pleasure.

It was one of my best birthday trips I did in my life. And I want to say again…

Congratulations DUCKDALBEN for winning as BEST INTERNATIONAL SEAMEN’S CLUB @ Seafarers Award. You deserve it.

Anytime I will come again.

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