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2011 was and is a year like most of the other years before … a year with 365 days (some are going to come anyway) … a year with geophysical catastrophes like some crazy eruptions in the North Pacific Ocean and between some terrestrical plates (you know Japan) March 11 … it definitely rocked in many meanings. But don’t forget the shaking of the earth started on Feb 22, 2011 in Christchurch, NZ for christ sake … and me as a really interested popular sciences low levelled geophysic freak knew that this was just a beginning. Anyway … those shakes sucked a lot. L.A. was shaking as well in Sep 1, 2011. I think the earth wanted to tell us something. She wanted to wake us up. But anyhow, you could have seen it at the Climate conference in Durban few days ago … politicians are not awake. They overslept the possibility to do and to enforce something ground braking … well Reality sucks. And Southeastasia got flooded and anyone was just looking to Thailand these days … reality sucks

2011 was and is the year that followed another one that was combined with the words of world trade crisis. I don’t understand this. Cuz 2011 was and is another year with exorbitant massive tradings of weapons from so called “good countrys” to “bad countrys”. It was the year when for example German government decided to reduce the financial support for education, child care, health care and culture to an unbelievable minimum and to raise the financial section in so called “defense / military”. Reality sucks

2011 was the year where I personally gave up to keep track who the hell are the members of my government. Usually I knew this. I mean I really am interested in politics. But this government headed by Angela Merkel and her male puppets is just ridiculous. I am feeling ashamed to be represented by silly, ignorant and dangerous people like Westerwelle, Brüderle, Öttinger and Co. This government is a complete unbelievable Comedyshow. Examples?!

state secretary Westerwelle

EU Commissioner Öttinger

Well, reality sucks.

2011 was and is the year full of strange people I got to know … ( I mean I knew them before but … ) I finished the contact with the most strange ones … in October …

Reality sucks anyway … so politics distracted us from really important things … like always … how many people died of EHEC? How many people died with the help of German weapons this year?! Reality sucks.

2011 was the year when this government made a 180% turn from Pro Nuclear Power (September 2010) to Contra Nuclear Power (March 2011) and anyhow back as well (Nov 2011 Germany is supporting one nuke company that builds an Nuke Power Plant in Brasil) Reality sucks. At least it turned to be trendy to wear Anti Nuke Pins … this year … that was great. Back to the 80s anyhow. And all this political “I don’t know what to do but let’s do the stuff that people will elect us” shit by the government who obviously failed in Germany brought us brillant comedy / stand up comedian stuff. At least that was good.

What was good in 2011?!

Music … anyhow.
I loved a lot of concerts in 2011 … you can watch out … I (and the others of this wonderful blog) did a lot of Reviews. You can check them out. Highlight was definitely LIVE my I LIKE TRAINS tour, JASON WEBLEY and TORI AMOS. I was extremely happy bout Night of Hunters – the new album of Tori Amos and I was glad to explore new music and to meet a lot of people on different concerts. I took the chance to get to artists I have never been heard before and seen before and I am glad that I am still curious enough to just let those evenings happen. The most of those evenings haven’t been failures. I am happy that music in this generation works with the help of supporting ways like Pledge, Bandcamp, Crowdsurge and Kickstarter. I am happy that it is possible to know people that can open your heart just with kind of simple emotional songs. Examples?!

Jason Webley – In this light

<<<< you can buy the live album he is talking bout at his Homepage – there is an extra cool Wintersale!!!

Sorry Natascha but I have to put it in (and it is my review anyway) … once again … I LIKE TRAINS – Sea of regrets

newest output of them besides the awesome ILTea is “This Skin full of bones” you can buy at ILR

Anyhow good as well … was literature. I read a lot of books and I struggled with some of them. So, I desperately and without shame threw away a book by Tor Åge Bringsværd called “Pudder, Pudder”. I don’t know what this author wants from me and after reading just one page of the book I am not interested in as well. So if anyone is interested in this book raise your hand up (German edition) and I will give it to you. Another book I struggled and didn’t want to finish was by Mario Vargas Llosa “The Way to Paradise”. I gave up. I absolutely didn’t like the writing style. After 10 pages I gave up and I didn’t want to return to the book. The book was given away this year as my 2 cents for All hallow’s Read. The third book I struggled and fought with was and still is David Foster Wallace “Infinite Jest” but I will not give up. I put it on hold for 2012. And I will start to read it from the first page beginning from January 1st I just decided. I think I wasn’t in the right mood yet for it. So sometimes Reality sucks when you just get to your intelligence limits like I did in 2011.

Pretty amazing books in 2011 … The Mind’s Eye by Oliver Sacks. It was released in Germany in January 2011 and I bought the first edition in hardcover. I seem to be a hardcore fan … anyway. Another amazing stuff I read in 2011 was probably the novel “American Rust” by Philipp Meyer. Great great stuff. I couldn’t finish the goal in reading 52 books this year so reality sucks anyhow as well in this category …

But what about those movies I have seen and I was allowed to see during all those festival days here in Hamburg. Brillant … absolutely brillant. Read anything bout the Filmfest Hamburg 2011 that I experienced and at least the newest Cronenberg that wasn’t that good as all the Cronenberg movies before was so great that Viggo Mortensen got nominated for a Golden Globe. So, reality maybe doesn’t suck.

What else I can tell you?! I dunno. I am happy that I didn’t mention in my 2011 review: Hamburg Ballett, Euro crisis, Fukushima, Take That reunion, Libya, Egypt and Twilight.

So, have a pretty cool xmas, hannukah, newyearseve, a well start into 2012 … and we read us very soon here again … My mom will come tomorrow so, I cannot guarantee for anything. I will put in complete family modus until January 2nd 2012. By the way, if you want to make me a favor for my birthday on Newyearsday … watch out for old not anymore used glasses. Collect them and send them to me. Ask for my snailmail adress in a comment. I will take them with to my next Cambodia trip to donate them there in Svay Rieng province where my family is living. So hold on, keep up the forces, there is still hope … even when hope is not enough. You are rocking, I like the blog a lot even when Reality sucks.

Yours spamdora

one of the happiest moments in 2011 – Oct 14th @ Kiel Pumpe with I LIKE TRAINS

Reality sucks: Edith says, I failed I did mention “Hamburg Ballett, Euro crisis, Fukushima, Take That reunion, Libya, Egypt and Twilight.” At least in two phrases. Mmmmh

Edith 2 says: I have been in March 3 weeks in Cambodia and these three weeks were pretty amazing. Just wanted to mention this. But I cannot put anything of my year in one post. It is impossible. Really impossible. And by the way, if you think that my life is circumnavigating only music, literature, movies and the not enough mentioned Hamburg Ballett … you are maybe pretty right. My life is sleeping, eating, working and culture. All the other stuff is added sucking reality.