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Today is the 240th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven. So what about celebrating this with some music you can give away as a present to your dear ones at X Mas?! I have some pretty cool suggestions for you … here.

Pretty awesome and extremely popular and brillant is the 5th Piano Concerto of Beethoven performed by Hélène Grimaud and the Dresdner Staatskapelle. It is released at the Deutsche Grammophon in 2006.

My favourite symphony of Beethoven is the No.5 (I am kind of Fan of any 5th … #rofl). The most spectacular recording of this symphony is the version by Wilhelm Furtwängler with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. I am Fan of Furtwängler, by the way. Actually you can get a collected box of his Beethoven Recordings at Amazon for a brillant prize. Look

Well, I hope I could give you some more suggestions and maybe you will grab this classical stuff. It is it all worthy.