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Hey exactly 100 years ago Roald Amundsen won the race (that wasn’t an official race particularly) against Captain Robert Scott to get as first human to the South Pole.
The Race wasn’t official because Amundsen had the support of his king Haakon VII for a North Pole expedition but when he heard about Scott’s wish to get to the South Pole Amundsen changed his plans and he won the “race”. So the two ships “Fram” of Amundsen and “Terra Nova” set their sails and went South. Amundsen had a lot of Nordish experience and he trusted into the strength of dogs and good coordination. Amundsen had only one plan … to get as first to the South Pole and he did everything to get succeed. Scott was the explorer. He was at the South with much more plans than getting to the Pole as first. He did geological tests, he was collecting stones, he was teaching his companions during the “Winterbreak” etc. pp. AND he just did some few wrong decisions, so his journey was a bit slower and finally not successful.

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