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Our X-mas Calendar is a funny small help for you to find really cool interesting presents for x-mas. Full of crazy shit. Full of art and more. Full of passion. Hope you will like it. Each day a new gift (you have to buy for yourself) …

So, in the press today it is said. CHRISTA WOLF died. One more intelligent person that leaves this world in times of crazy financial, ideological, democratic struggles.

I liked her books a lot … So “Medea – Stimmen” is still one of my most favourites books of her. I remember it was released in 1996 and I was reviewing this novel at my German advanced course at Highschool. It was amazing. My teacher was slightly impressed. In 1998 I met her just once. She was at the same rehab place as my mother was. My mother wanted to talk with her but she was to shy anyhow. I just said … go to her … talk to her … she will not bite. My mother wrote a letter to her and then they met some days later for a cup of coffee. Anyway, when I saw her at the rehab cafe/restaurant place I went directly to her and told her in my naive way, that I like her stuff a lot and especially MEDEA STIMMEN. And as I have to consider, this is still one of my favourite German books in modern times.

This book is a “women” book. But it is as well a book for men. It circumnavigates the historical myth character Medea in a modern world. Christa Wolf’s version is stunning. She has the ability to create with her words pictures you will not forget and you have to reread always again. I love her writing. I like it to be challenged by reading. (I don’t want to be forced!) Here you can get it in the English edition and here in German edition. By the way, in Germany it is regular stuff you read at school. I did it for fun 15 years ago. 🙂 And the book is fun.

So, if you want to have a really great book to give away at Christmas. Then MEDEA is a good choice.