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I have been last Friday to one guided “tour” at the contemporary art collection of Harald Falckenberg in Hamburg Harburg at the Phoenix Hallen “Deichtorhallen Sammlung Falckenberg”. I have seen pieces of the exhibition Atlas – How to carry the world on one’s back? that was featuring pieces (to make it short) of arts that describes the way how artists are preparing their ideas for their own art. So, collections of written thoughts, doodles, conception art, photo pieces etc. pp. It was definitely an inspiring collection. The new “changing” exhibition will feature art of Ena Swansea. I liked her stuff that I have seen, yet. There were two pieces shown that are in the regular collection of the gallery.

The regular gallery pieces included conceptional art, photographies, paintings and object pieces that were slightly impressive … like that piece of Mike Kelley of “Kandor Con 2000”. It is a piece dedicated to the birthplace of Superman and about the conception how do you remember a place that you haven’t seen for ages. So, Kandor is as Kelley found out always differently constructed in all that comics by different artists. So, anyone has another point of view of that city. You as a visitor of this piece of art has the option to work on the construction of Kandor as well. If you work on a building. You can put it on the modell and take another one away. Cool idea. Cool concept.

Another impressive piece of art was definitely the multimedia installation called The Palace at 4 A.M. by Jon Kessler. It is a room full of monitors and cameras that lets you believe for seconds you are in a war scene … as part of the media. If you look closer those cameras are projecting you into the monitors and the pictures are collages of steady pictures and the in the moment done pictures. With the background that Mohammed Atta was from Harburg where the gallery is located and that media is very much used in explaining and forming opinions and collected memory … this piece of art was kind of spooky but great.

I can recommend you this gallery with 6000 squaremeters, 4 floors and a lot of art. I will be there very soon again cuz I couldn’t see everything that I wanted.

You can find the gallery here:

Find information about the Gallery on their official page: Sammlung Falckenberg

You can visit the gallery only via guided tour that you have to book before you go there: catch the info here and book