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It is absolutely trendy to like Katzenjammer these days in Germany. If you never heard of them before – you are probably not Norwegian or living in Germany. Katzenjammer is the biggest musical hype. Yeah, these 4 Norwegian girls rock the world. They are unique, they can sing and they can entertain. You can get an idea right here …

I have seen them some years ago before the hype and I liked them anyhow. But this hype is now just spooky … too spooky for my taste. But well, these are the basic information splits about Katzenjammer.

I was invited last Monday to go to a concert to Emmy the Great in Hamburgs Molotow BUT the man who invited me went to me via the Große Freiheit and he met one man with blackmarket tickets for Katzenjammer and so, he decided to buy them. The two concerts in Hamburg were completely sold out. And Ralle said Katzenjammer would be probably cooler to see than Emmy the Great and he convinced another friend of us to go to Katzenjammer. So, finally 15 minutes before the show started I switched from Emmy the Great to Katzenjammer and well, still thanx to Ralle for inviting me.

Katzenjammer was supported by Unni Wilhelmsen. She did a solid good job as singer songwriter before Katzenjammer but she was for my taste tooo damn boring. So, the 35 minutes set didn’t want to end, anyhow.

The shows in Hamburg were completely covered by filmcameras for the official Live DVD that will be released soon. The band started close after 9pm and they did have fun on stage. The audience was brillant. And it was a very funny evening for lame Monday Evenings. Definitely. But for my taste it was from everything too much. 😦 … I am probably ungrateful. I didn’t mean to.

The girls can sing, they can entertain and they really know how to interact with the audience but I am sure I will never see them again. 🙂 I liked a lot “Rock Paper Scissors” …

I couldn’t make good pictures. I was watching it from the back of the venue. The atmosphere was great there and a big plus for a brillant soundmix.

Edith says: I will buy myself the Live DVD probably.