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You know how much democracy a country is living and providing when you see how a country treats its artists, comedians, political messages spreading performing intelligent culture people. In Germany this might be probably work these days … but in countries like Burma it is definitely not working.

One of the most popular artists and comedians per se is Zarganar.

There is a very good documentary movie about Zarganar out these days called “The Prison where I live”. It is a kind of road movie where German comedian Michael Mittermeier tries to get closer to Zarganar while he is arrested in prison.

Well, this blog cannot free Zarganar but I wanted you to know that artists wherever they are shouldn’t be forgotten just becuz they are behind fences or they are not allowed to work.

Get more info about the documentary THE PRISON WHERE I LIVE > Official Page

Additional info bout the German comedian supporter: Michael Mittermeier

There is an actual new interview with Zarganar at THE ECONOMIST and his situation now: Go and read it: HERE.