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A Dangerous Method is David Cronenberg’s latest feature film output starring his longtime actor fellow Viggo Mortensen, the actor anyone is talking bout these days Michael Fassbender and Keira Knightley – you probably don’t want to see cuz you’ve been traumatized by the Pirates of the Carribean overdose. BUT STOP … forget everything what you know about usual Cronenberg features. Forget about characters that are mainly working by perfect bodylanguage by Viggo Mortensen and forget about Keira in her Pirates Franchise stuff. Let’s talk about A DANGEROUS METHOD. A feature film bout the “birth” of psychoanalysis. The relationship between Carl Gustav Jung, Sigmund Freud and Sabina Spielrein.

The feature film is based on a stage play by Christopher Hampton (The Talking Cure) … he wrote the screenplay as well.

Synopsis (kind of and probably to spoilerish): Spielrein gets into the clinic where Jung is working as an MD and she is his patient. He uses first time the so called “Talking Cure” for Spielrein to recover. She is interested in his work AND person. So a difficult relationship is growing. Jung gets to know Freud. Jung looks up to Freud as a “uberfather” but Freud is as you all know very into the basic sexual background of psycho problems and Jung wants to open psychoanalysis for different parts of influences like mythology, parapsychology … These standpoints are dividing their friendship. After difficulties in how to treat Spielrein (who later has a real hidden relationship with Jung and who studies psychology as well and becomes MD) … Friendship between Jung and Freud brakes up.

Here is the official trailer:

The feature is very much based on TALKING. So, extreme acting performance you can see by Keira Knightley. All the other actors performances are driven by the spoken word. So, it was slightly a pity I had to watch it in the German overdub version. It was not intense enough for me. Pardon me, I know how much effort Viggo Mortensen puts into a character to perform him. The overdub couldn’t give me that really. BUT Mortensen used each second on screen to fill the whole scene. I never seen someone so cool relaxing in a seat. The body language always worked at each second. Damn impressive. Keira Knightley’s acting was a shockingly astonishing surprise. And Fassbender was a very convincing C.G.Jung. All the other supporting actors were brillant.

I was massively impressed and fascinated by the props and costumes especially by those of the men. Well done.

Final stuff: I am sure this feature film is probably not the most important one you should have seen these days because it is like I felt (during the whole 99min) a mirror into one part of psychoanalysis history with beautiful pictures, performed by brillant actors and you are just the voyeur.. Nothing more and nothing less.

It was an entertaining evening with wonderful 99min at the theater.

For any David Cronenberg freaks a must seen movie, cuz it is a non typical feature of him.
For any Viggo Mortensen freaks a must seen movie, cuz you have never seen him talking so much in a feature. 🙂
For any people who never liked Knightley before, try it with this feature. Give her a chance.

Edith says: Isn’t it aweful how much intelligence, wisdom and research in any kind of science and especially in psychology / psychiatry two world wars distroyed?! I mean … the mental social wisdom was just cut into pieces and was shot back 100 or 200 years with these fucking two world wars but the technology stuff was rising up. There is a hardcore discrepance between mental wisdom and technology. People cannot handle their stuff they are producing. I know, it has nothing to do with that picture itself but concerning of the ideas Sabina Spielrein has had (who got murdered in 1941) … she wasn’t the only intelligent person that died in WWII because of silly stupid racist reasons. AND THERE ARE NO REASONS to kill someone for being a human.