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The Maharaja is a very cozy small (50 places) ayurvedic restaurant in the heart of St. Pauli in Hamburg. It is run by Kathrin Guthmann and her husband Satish Mourya who is a well decorated Indian cooking master.

The restaurant is very cute and Indian overloaded cozy decorated. You step into a complete new world when you turn into the restaurant. There is the non misunderstandable smell of ginger, kurkuma and other spices that floats into your brain directly into the lust center that spits out all your endorphines.

At least when you got seated by the always in Sari walking owner Kathrin Guthmann with her endless smile and you will get the card your endorphines and your will to eat something extremely tasty will arise even more.

Just take a look into the card
FYI: artwork courtesy of tcabam’s Natascha

Anyway, the card is sooo big and wide that you have to find something for your own taste. There are regularly 18 different vegetarian dishes, a lot of stuff of chicken, lamb and fish/shrimps dishes and you can order different breads. You can order anything else as well. Just tell them what you’d like to have and if the restaurant is not overcrowded (what especially on Fridays and Saturdays is happening) you can order your faves and they will tell you whether it is possible or not.

I think, I probably eaten myself through the whole menu card during the last 4 years I spent there regularly … during the last two years I am more or less adopted by the owners.

I can recommend definitely all the vegetarian stuff especially Meghdhanu Korma, Palak Paneer and Louki Dal. Chicken Dishes I personally adore are: Chicken Jalfraisi (a.k.a. Crazy Chicken) and Chicken Patiyala. I love it, love it and love it. My fave fish/shrimps dish is definitely Zinga Goa Special. I cannot recommend any lamb stuff. I have eaten everything of it on the card but I am not a lamb fan at all. So I cannot tell you what is best. I only know that one of the lamb hits is definitely Rogan Josh.

Usually a dish is – after asking for it – within 15-20 minutes hot on your table. It is brought to you on a small heating place (except of the Tikka plates) and yeah everything is completely fresh. It takes longer if the restaurant is overcrowded and/or you order extra bread.

I love the Mango Lassi and the Masala Chai is perfect!

So, come and check it out.

The Maharaja is located at:
Detlev-Bremer-Str. 25
20359 Hamburg

It is open at all days:
Monday til Friday they have a lunch dish for 7 Euros between 12am – 3 pm.
Monday til Friday regularly open between 12am – 3pm and 6pm – 12pm
Saturday, Sunday and all bankholidays open between 2pm – 12pm

The restaurant accepts all creditcards except of American Express.
They speak fluent German, English and Hindi.

So come and dip into the world of the Maharaja! And after that you will say as well: A life without the Maharaja is possible but not necessary.

More Info you can get at the Hompage of the Maharaja:

Maharaja Hamburg

Reservations for a table you can do via telephone (extremely suggested for any dates in December and at Fridays and Saturdays (always!):
+49 (0)40 317 49 28

P.S.: Here is the link to the Prinz Top Guide 2012 Review: click … it is in German

The Maharaja @ Facebook