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On Saturday (Nov 5th) I have been to the Reproduction Premiere of Gustav Mahlers 3rd Symphony by famous choreographer John Neumeier and his Ensemble at the Opera here in Hamburg.

official ballet trailer for 3rd Symphony of Gustav Mahler

I was a bit afraid of it because I remembered what my sister told me about the latest Mahler Piece “Purgatorio” – {attention – very subjective: which one was kind of strange for her}.

This piece was awesome! The music was brillant and the ballet did a splendid two hours in one piece (without break) job.

It was the premiere of Silvia Azzoni after her baby break. She was brillant in an own category. I mean … the choreography was and is brillant and the whole company on stage was it but Silvia was on top of it an own “brillant” way. You could see it even in Row 24 that she had fun to dance. And it was the biggest fun for me and my compagnion to see her dance with her husband Alexandre Riabko.

Silvia Azzoni and Alexandr Riabko dancing a scene of Gustav Mahlers 3rd Symphony

Some words objectively bout the ballet.
It is completely choreographed to the music of Gustav Mahler’s 3rd Symphony and it has it’s premiere back in 1975. John Neumeier is that is not a secret a fan of Mahlers music. So he uses the music of him quitely often in his ballets.

The 3rd Symphony (the ballet) is put into 6 parts.

  • Gestern – Yesterday
  • Sommer – Summer
  • Herbst – Fall
  • Nacht – Night
  • Engel – Angel
  • Was mir die Liebe erzählt – What Love tells me

    All you need to know about the piece in very short form is that there is that character in the first part (danced by Alexandr Riabko) and he is just dropped into all those parts of life … like a secret guide through the Symphony and a very open guide to fulfillment and love by the end.

    The piece is from the beginning to the end always playing with the music. The dance is not put as a plus to the music. I thought quite often that the music melted into the dance and that this music wouldn’t work alone for me. I liked that.

    Usually I am terribly bored when there are just one or two dancers on stage. But Neumeier creates always choreographys that doesn’t make me feel this way and I am extremely happy about that.

    You can watch this ballet in this season again on following dates:

  • Nov 10,2011 Sold out
  • Nov 18,2011 Sold out
  • Jun 21,2011

    Only tickets for the Ballet Days are left at the Staatsoper Hamburg Shop