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Everything started anyhow 10 days ago when a friend of mine asked me to do him one favour for a friend he has and this friend was from Zagreb and wanted to see The Airborne Toxic Event in Hamburg and she wanted to send the ticket to my address and just wanted to get to the concert. (She even didn’t want to sleep at my place at the beginning…) But by the end, after some communication between Zagreb and Hamburg … she finally decided to sleep at my place and to take me with to the concert. Yay!

The concert took place at the Übel und Gefährlich a former Bunker here in Hamburg. We were just walking to the venue after having some splendid cup of tea and an endless chat bout music and music and even more music. I did show Lea the most important sights of Hamburg in a small walk before and she took a lot of pictures … of simple everything. That was funny. Finally Lea just know all important clubs in St. Pauli. So, anyway, we got to the Übel und Gefährlich some minutes before the opening doors and so we had the splendid luck to stand in the first row. This was Leas wish. (Mine as well … cuz I am too “blind” for the rows behind.

The Support of The Airborne Toxic Event was Lee Jay Cup from Frankfurt in Germany. They started their set at 9pm and I was pretty happy when they finished it after a long 30 minutes. And well … let’s talk about something else. I just simply didn’t like their complete show and why waste time when time is money. *lol*

I will not give you any further information about this band cuz I only give suggestions to bands I anyhow like or I would just give a try to like them. I wouldn’t do it with them. Yeah, evil me. Yay!

Do you remember my review about Peter Murphy when I was asking what the heck Americana means?! I am now sure, I know it. Americana is something like the stuff I heard of THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT.

I felt for some few seconds a bit guilty cuz I was standing in the first row and I just knew nothing of this band except of exactly one Youtube clip and behind me there were hardcore fans … who were really waiting for this event. And well … I dunno … after another seconds I just thought … if you really care about your band and you want to be in the first row, you have to get early enough to the venue. That’s it. And then I didn’t feel guilty at all, anymore. Lea was by my side and I was happy bout that fact.

I liked their show. I will not become a fan because this music is “too happy” for me?! I don’t know how to describe it. I wouldn’t put the radio out when the music would play and I probably wouldn’t run away when someone would invite me again … I liked it. These guys had humour. These guys knew how to encourage the audience. They knew how to communicate with their fans. They knew how to play their instruments. The singer can sing. (It is not my voice I like, but he can sing his stuff). I liked it anyway, it was a damn fantastic amusing show if you don’t think of these drunk asses that mistook the concert for a Punkshow where you Headbang, dance Pogo and I dunno. Just disturb a lot of positive wonderful moments of the show. I really wished the Security just kicked them out. 😦 … I was sometimes feeling sorry for Lea … cuz she often felt arms, bodys in her back.

Highlights of the shows for me?! Probably that song where the singer just didn’t make it to find an end because of one Fan that was singing sooo loud and false …

Here are some of the clips that appeared yet on youtube from the show on Sunday.

Hall of Something

Something around midnight

Well, now as honestly no Insider it was a cute evening … and thanx to Lea who invited me to come with. 🙂

All pictures are made by Lea Ledinski (Zagreb, Croatia) and me

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    This band is still on tour …

    11/01 Munich – Germany
    11/03 Birmingham – UK
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    11/06 Dublin – Eire
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    the tour rolls on until December …