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It is always a splendid fun for me to get to concerts. To get to concert where I will be surprised in any kind of direction. This evening yesterday was surprisingly beautiful. I wrote on Facebook this “‎Helgi Jonsson war so spektakulär unprätentiös bezaubernd in seinen leisen und lauteren Tönen. Ein wirklich gelungener wunderbarer Abend und ich war sehr froh da gewesen zu sein. Danke! Ach ja, Synje – eine wahre musikalische Entdeckung für mich.” And honestly there wouldn’t be anything else needed to say about this evening … but I do.

Helgi Jonsson was on Tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to promote his newest output “The Big Spring” I got to know Helgi Jonsson by the help of Tina Dico where he regularly appears in the band. They wrote together one song for the actual album called Careful People …

I knew this song just some days 🙂 before I of course decided to see Helgi for himself. I always wanted to but anyhow, I always couldn’t catch him before. I love his voice. And I am usually not into high “menvoices”. I love it usually dark. But anyhow, his voice fascinates me. It is just perfect for his music.

Anyway … I went to the Molotow with my good friend Ralle because we both didn’t make it to get to another Tori Amos concert where probably half of our friends were yesterday in Essen. We took the chance to have a splendid spectacular evening in Hamburg just in front of our doorsteps.

Ralle was even more happy to get with me to the show when I told him that Synje Norland would be the support.

How can you describe music when you just think from the first second this Lady is on stage “cute”? I mean, I don’t like it to call something cute because it explains exactly nothing. But anyhow, this small support set was cute, her voice was cute. And wow, she can sing! Amazing! Synje was supported on stage by an amazing Cellist Michael Becker. I loved his play. Ralle would say, that I loved more than this but this is another topic.

Most impressive song was definitely “Ishmael” about a boy from Sierra Leone who was childrensoldier and which one she once got to know.

Chapeau for this set. It was breathtaking absolutely. And of course I got the newest album called “to the other side”.

Helgi Jonsson was on tour with a band, two men from the States (guitar and bass) and his best friend from Iceland on the drums. They were a perfect match for Helgi on stage. (The bassguitarist was a bit too still on stage. But this was just amusing to see.)

Salt from the new album live in Munich some days before Hamburg

Helgi was performing a lot of new songs from his album “Big Spring”. He did of course his “Hits” … Waltz, Digging up a tree, Blindfolded, Dry run … and the most special thing he did was: Being extremely funny, endless smiling, very talkative, again funny and he was amazed by this audience … Yeah, btw audience … wonderful crowd (except of this crazy old men who took nonstop pictures).

Waltz live in Munich 2011

Good Fireman live in Munich 2011

I liked the show much and I was some few times close to tears. And I am always happy bout such small concerts … always.

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