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The tour of I LIKE TRAINS finished on Saturday at Amsterdam and as I experienced … it was a cool tour. I have been to the concert in Kiel at the beginning of their tour. Their kick off concert. And finally I did attend two other ones in Germany. I went to Magdeburg and Osnabrück to see them and their superb Supportband Nihiling from Hamburg. This post will tell you what I did experience on my journey with the help of TRAINS through Germany. I hope you will like it.

To get on Tour with I LIKE TRAINS was a foolish last minute idea. I took all my restmoney and invested this in traintickets and concerttickets and one hotel night and I felt like 14 years younger when I did such tours quite often for Subway to Sally. By the way, Subway to Sally … I sold their ticket for Hamburg, to have money for I LIKE TRAINS. Seems so, I am not a hardcore fan anymore.

So I took my small backpack and jumped into one local train to get very slowly to Magdeburg on Tuesday. Easy was picking me at the central station up and we went to her appartement. Having a good chat. I tried to convince her to come to the concert … especially because she is a drummer and I LIKE TRAINS got really awesome drumparts in their songs. But I couldn’t make it, anyway. Easy brought me to the venue and then left me alone.

The P7 is a small studentsclub. @thefamilycat was warning me that the club has an aweful soundmix … she said as well that the audience in Magdeburg is always lame. It doesn’t matter which artist would play. So, I knew what probably would happen this night. @thefamilycat was coming later to the venue and I was happy to be at least not alone. All the guys of I LIKE TRAINS gave me a warm hello and they even asked how Peter Murphy was (I told them in Kiel to see him on tour). Awesome. Chatting together with @thefamilycat (a.k.a. Nicki) was great before the support act started their show.


Nihiling from Hamburg were fascinating. I liked their stuff. All songs were moving. The sound of the music was not as bad as I thought it would be. You could see how much dedicated these artists were and I really felt sorry for myself that I haven’t seen them before live. I swear to you, I read their names way too often in Hamburg for concerts but I just didn’t took any further notice of them. None of my friends were talking bout them and I am not that much into exploring new stuff by own purpose. I just let it come and explore music when I got the chance. Nihiling were an absolutely well fitting support act for I LIKE TRAINS. I am happy that I had the chance to get to know them in this combination. The boys of I LIKE TRAINS were asking me after the show, whether I liked Nihiling. Cool thing.

After the support I promised them to buy some stuff of them a day later because I attended two shows of the Tour.

By the way, the Merchandise table. This was really a very cute decorated with passion and devotion filled and presented thing. For best Merchandise performance I would give definitely I LIKE TRAINS the first place. Nihiling was just doing it awesome to with their case and the cute lamps on it. Please don’t change any concepts on it. There is nothing more boring than a table with nothing on it and behind of it a bored chick that sells one Tour T-Shirt for an unbelievable aweful prize. I have seen this quite often this year at different artists.

I was hanging around at the Merch with Nicki and we were both waiting as much as the bands to see more people to come to the concert but it just wouldn’t happen anyway. There were about 50 people probably bit more people who paid for the show … and the really aweful bout this fact was that exactly Nickis promise took place.


It happened on the stage pretty much … especially with the support of Jigga. 😉 But in the audience happened nothing. I was pretty much upset bout it. I just couldn’t understand it. I was always looking backwards to see the people standing there more or less without any reactions to the music. Brrr. I never had such experience at any show I can remember. This was extremely confusing for me. I mean, I don’t care whether I know a band or not. I don’t care if I know lyrics or not. But I usually at least move slightly around, tip with the feet, whatever. There happens something with me. From the first song until the last one (I was really hoping for Spencer … because this audience was soooo lame there was the possibility they wouldn’t play it anyway) the audience was a mess. A big mess. I loved the show. The sound was great. Better than in Kiel.

The boys played these songs. I have to confess on this night I was weeping at close to all songs. The whole setting with the audience was so frustrating and I was hoping for a better day. Doesn’t matter. The highlights were definitely “these feet of clay” “sea of regrets” and “spencer” as encore. I love those songs because they have their own life. So, These feet of Clay is definitely driven by the drums of Simon. You got pushed by the first moment and I love it how it ends very smoothy. If you will not be touched by it … sorry, you cannot own a heart. Sea of Regrets was from the first day I heard it my favourite song of the new album. It starts slowly and kind of “boring” but with each new beat there will come more and more layers to it and the song grows. It is like a plain picture you did with your bad camera and you just add it with filters, layers, colours, textures and it will grow to an exclusive unique piece of art. Sea of Regrets is a piece of art.

Spencer Perceval is a masterpiece … expecially in live version. It is the perfect song to end a show. Even when the audience was crap as hell. It was wonderful and it will always be.

After listening to this song I was okay. I was looking into Nickis smiling face and I was happy that she liked the show as well. She was sad, that the sound of the club is not the best but I made her interested in the music of these fab guys. We bought some new ILTea. I bought it for Easy the girl where I was able to sleep and Nicki bought it to survive the next early morning. There is nothing to say against a strong English Breakfast Tea. Absolutely nothing.

We left very fast the venue after the concert. I was walking with Nicki the half way to the appartement and at 1 am I found very safe the guestbed. I was asked to stay some few minutes longer at the appartement for a favour. … So, my complete plan to get early to Osnabrück failed but I was happy to have the bed in Magdeburg. Anyway…

or how to make a supposed to be 3 hours trainride to an 8 hours lasting expierience of awefulness

1st: you do a favour for the guys where you stayed overnight
2nd: you miss because of this favour your train of exactly 2 minutes
3rd: the next train has a 50 minutes delay because of “troubles in the working process” as the German Railway usually says.
4th: if you appear 50 minutes later to that delayed train on that plateform they told you at the service – you will learn that the train is coming to the other plateform and of course you cannot reach it. It is just simply impossible to get there withing 3 minutes.
5th: you wait another one and a half hour for the next train
interlude – you just spent more than 3 1/2 hours at the Magdeburg railwaystation just to get away!!!
6th: you got the right train and you will be brought to Hanover (usually called Hangover by myself) and close to Hanover the train slows down and there are no reasons spread out
7th: you will miss the direct connection to Osnabrück in Hanover because of this slowed down train experience and you have to hang around for exactly 100 minutes in beautiful Hanover
8th: you will get finally the train to Osnabrück but you will be completely cursed to stand the whole journey because this train is of course overcrowded.

OSNABRÜCK – final show for I LIKE TRAINS with Nihiling in Germany

Osnabrück was a very emotional concert for me. After that horrbile trainride and the mixed feelings of the show the day before there was something in the air, I felt. I went to the hotel, had aweful dinner at one spanish Restaurant (bad taste, aweful waitress, expensive) and it was f***ing cold outside. So, I was freezing pretty much. I was of course toooo early at the venue.

I had a good chat for the length of Alistairs cigarette about the whole tour and the latest show and anything else. I told him I’d love to hear Hope is not enough besides the fact that I know that they are not a jukebox. But I missed this song in Magdeburg and I love it.

I had to wait until the official opening until 8:10 pm. With each minute longer I was turning more and more into a piece of ice and I swear I needed minimum until the end of Nihilings set close to 10 pm time to be well temperatured. It was kind of hell and I am fascinated that I am still without any flue. I seem to have a good immune system.

At this evening the crowd was bigger and those people wanted to see the show. In Magdeburg I wasn’t sure about it at all. It should become a brillant evening.

Nihiling was rocking. I liked the show even more than in Magdeburg. It was more fluent in my ears. They really spread out the fun on the honestly extremely small stage. I loved to see them interact.

The whole setting was a place for a good show. It was crowded, people were interested in the work of the musicians and they were curious about the show and they showed it … there was interaction. Yeah. Only some few percents of it I wanted to have in Magdeburg.

What shall I say …?! They played Hope is not enough … These Feet of Clay just turned out to become my secret pleasure and I dunno why. The minutes of the show just flew so fast away. I was thrilled, happy and enjoyed to see the energy on stage … and the moving crowd behind me. Yes, geeky me was in the front. Anyway, it was it all worth to get on this journey. I had the chance to listen to the new songs

Shallows … which one I like

Drum Song … which one I love

I filled my Merchandise package even more with some postcards and finally the 100g Earl Grey package for myself and the older album of Nihiling. It is awesome. I was wishing myself to some more shows but sometimes it is really better not to enforce the luck. I am happy to got to know the guys better … kind of. I am happy that they do take care of their fans, freaks however and I will be 100% next time again on the road (the train road)

Hey and c’mon … if you will let the setlist got signed and you say you were weeping three times … and the band knows at which songs I did. That is hilarious. Gosh. YOU ROCK!

I couldn’t find the sleep at the hotel after that show. I was completely excited. I wanted to find inner piece but I couldn’t. At least some tunes from iPod (The Beeching Report on single repeat) finally made me the lullaby.

I had quite a cool trainride back home … of course with horrible delays and in completely overcrowded trains. But those guys between Bremen and Hamburg that were sitting next to me asked me why the heck I was endless smiling. I told them I was on Tour for one of my fave bands and the last show was just tooo brillant. They asked me for the name: I told them I LIKE TRAINS. They just stared at me: “C’mon … this is a joke. You are on a trainride through Germany for I LIKE TRAINS.” “Yep.”, I said. They just answered in fascination: “That is real honest fandom.”

Yep, so it was. I am not complaining. I did enjoy each second even the “darker” ones.

Here are some random pictures of the days I spent for I LIKE TRAINS. Enjoy them.

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    Edith says: I want to see both bands as soon as possible back on tour. I want to have more studiowork by Nihiling at home (just need money … I fear I lost it on a trainride) … and Yeah enjoy their music … and the tea, ofcourse.

    because you can’t download it.