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Yes, we know Neil Young as a singer/songwriter, a poet and surely someone who always had its heart on the right side … the left one of course. Greendale was a CD, a DVD, a motionpicture and it is as well a graphic novel. For my part next to the CD (which one is brillant as all the others of Neil Young) the most interesting thing. I found this book while just “looking” in a bookstore. I didn’t want to buy anything and whenever I got into a bookstore with this “I just want to look face” I give myself the limit not to spent more than 15 Euros. This book was cheaper and I was very thankful for that.

So, what is it about?! It is about Family Green with those strange given names in Greendale and particularly about 18 years old Sun Green. Greendale is anywhere in a northern part of California. The plot starts around 2003 quite shorty before the war is not possible to be stopped. Sun Green is not like common kids in town. She is a bit different than the rest of the youth like all the ladies in her family.

And she dreams crazy stuff and than there is that one stranger in town that only she can see and this stranger is reason for all complications that happens to her and her most beloved ones in town. Whohoooo.

I don’t tell you anything else. I was completely thrilled and entertained while reading this beautiful written (Joshua Dysart) and lettered (Dave Stewart) book.

The illustrations by Cliff Chiang are beautiful. Here you can read something bout it at his Homepage.

I liked this book a lot because it isn’t just another hero story. It is an intelligent graphic novel with political, socialcritical sidekicks.