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I dunno it is the third time in serial that I try to finish NaNoWriMo and I hope this year I will not fail. Nanowrimo is the National Novel Writing Month that was founded and created in the USA but recently swapped across the whole planet. People try to write within one months a novel with at least 50.000 words in the month November. Last year I failed at around 19.000 words and the lack of ideas. I was completely frustrated and the beginning was just f*** brillant. I hope this year I will not fail. I will tell you in each week at least what’s going on with the novel. And I will post some stuff probably at my writing blog Buchstabenwald because I will write in German language. My plot is recently excisting. That is good and the main characters are existing as well. I finally stopped reading David Foster Wallace because he just confuses me. And my notebook for the novel writing is getting bigger and bigger. Well, I am looking forward to November. Really. Do you take part as well? Do you think that I am a nerd while taking part?! If so, I just don’t care. I know I am a little stranger.