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So, finally I just make it happen to see at least one picture at the International Queer Filmfestival in Hamburg. It was tonight at the Passage filmtheater in the center of Hamburg the documentary “The ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye” by Marie Losier

{click on the picture to get to the official homepage of that movie}

“An intimate, affecting portrait of the life and work of ground-breaking performance artist and music pioneer Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV) and his other half and collaborator, Lady Jaye, centered around the daring sexual transformations the pair underwent for their “Pandrogyne” project.” {quote from the official homepage}

I am not that much into Industrial music and I am not that much insider in that whole scene. It is a kind of riddle for me. So, for me Throbbing Gristle wasn’t excisting for me and I haven’t heard of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge before, I have to confess.

But it was the first band ever that was pushed into the genre “Industrial” per se in Englang 1979.

But anyway, the documentary was about the relationship between Genesis and her long time big love Lady Jaye (s)he got to know in a nightclub in New York and whith whom they lived Pandrogynity.

By the end, they worked together at Psychic TV

After watching the documentary I am bit more interested in this scene … and I want to listen to more stuff of Psychic TV, now. 🙂

Whenever you got the chance to see the documentary. Go and catch it.

P.S.: I did not embed the more offensive songs into the review … just because I am not into posting shocking stuff.

P.S 2: Yes, I know, it is not really objective … but I do not care.

The documentary is an hommage to independent avantgardistic livestyle, music and most of all to Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orride.

More info about this film you can catch at:

@BALLADmovie {twitter}
@ the official homepage