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Last year the Berlin Philharmonics went again on a big Asia tour that ended in Singapur. They performed Gustav Mahler Symphony No.1 and Sergeij Rachmaninov “Symphonic Dances”. Two absolutely stunning epic works of genious. When I have seen the posters about the movie I knew, I had to see it.

This morning at 11:30 am there was a screening at the Passage cinema and I did enjoy it much besides the fact that I hate 3D completely. I usually got headaches from watching 3D. But anyway, I just forgot the fact and did enjoy the full concert (the first time ever that a philharmonic concert was dropped on moviescreens to be brought to anyone who just never had the chance or slightly the simple idea to invest money into one philharmonic concert.

Of course there are three options about watching this movie.
First: You are not interested and you wouldn’t go there anyway.
Second: You are interested and you wouldn’t go to a concert live because you are not ready to pay too much money for stuff you would probably not like or understand or both of it.
Third: You are a geek, classic music fan and open to new technologies.

I am the third one type. I know there are a forth type left. Those geeks who just believe and say that the live thing at the opera or philharmony building is the real thing but this is not the way how the Berlin Philharmonics used to be public. They are living in the 21st century and I am very thankful for that. You have the chance to explore the big variety of exciting music from the past to the modern era. I like it how they try to encourage people to see music. In just different versions … like in their Digital Concert Hall link or in their cooperation with the Youtube Symphony Orchestra link or like in that complete filmed concert I had the chance to watch.


I am not telling you how much I love Gustav Mahlers Symphonys. I do Love them, especially No.6. Symphony No.1 is also called “Titan”. It sounds amazingly bombastic. It is a symphony with a lot of great momements. My favourite movement is the third one … because of its kind of gypsy dancing tunes in it. You can watch it completely if you want at you tube performed by the Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig conducted by Riccardo Chailly


The Symphonic Dances is my most favourite orchestral piece by Rachmaninov. I loved it how the Berlin Phils played it. I got a recording of one Finnish Orchestra at home and this was pretty much fun (but most of all just “fast”. The concert in Singapur was more focused on melody lines and the rhythm changes within. I liked it pretty much.
Here you can watch it … if you like completey at youtube.

For the complete Berlin Philharmonics fun you need to get to cinema of course. It is it all worthy. I had to pay 11.50 Euro for the ticket. But I promise, you can never get sooooo close to any musician than through the eyes of the cameras of the movie. It was a big pleasure for me. And geek as I am I was pretty happy to see a lot of my favourite members of the Berlin Phils.

Any more info about the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra you can catch here:

  • Their official homepage
  • @ twitter
  • Trip to Asia – The Quest for Harmony a brillant documentary bout the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Rhythm is it! the well decorated documentary about the Berlin Phil @Zukunft project from 2004

    P.S: Yes, I do know, that the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra doesn’t need to be promoted that much, but I want you to see the concert anyway.

    P.S.2: You can watch it in Hamburg actually at Passage Kino at the Mönckebergstr.