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The popular british beatcombo I LIKE TRAINS started their Europe tour in Kiel last Friday and yeah, I am a fan since the day I have seen them first time … three years ago. I had to be there. Originally a girlfriend of mine wanted to come with … later my best friend from the former work … and finally I just kidnapped my latest twittergang mate I have who was longtime based for studies in Kiel. So, he knew where we had to go and that was perfect for a girl with partly timed desorientations. 🙂

Friday was a strange day for me. I was (and I still am) full of pain in my feet and it was my last working day. After getting home from work I felt a little bit confused and yeah, the confusion was complete when I was walking to the train station without the concert tickets that still have been pinned at the fridge. So I had to return to my appartement and had to pick em up. The luckiest one at this afternoon was probably the Persian taxidriver who was explaining me the differences between Hinduism, Bhuddhism and Islam. It was kind of funny because he was using words in his broken German that I don’t have in my active thesaurus. Anyway, the first 10 Euros of this day were gone. But I did it for a spectacularly great evening with @timemastertim.

So, the journey to Kiel was in a completely overcrowded Suburban train and I am very very happy that I don’t need to take those trains to get to work (or home) regularly. That is pretty much NOT FUNNY at all.

We both arrived hungry in Kiel – that is – pardon me – an extremely architectonical ugly – town. Of course, reasons you can find in history cuz more than 73% of the city got destroyed … (more than 80% of the industrial stuff). And the architectonical highlights of the early 60s were more or less not existing. It is just ugly. When I was walking from the main railstation to the Sophienhof (a shopping mall) .. I was reminded to the infrastructural highlights of Calgary where people who walk can get from one building to another one with the help of bridges that have roofs. Kiel has it as well.

Anyway … Tim and me were catching some Asian food (surprisingly delicious fast food for less money) and a coffee @ Exlex that have cool wallpaintings that I don’t understand and disturbingly confusing wall decoration. Tim explained that this is hip. So, I am not hip for this world anymore. I didn’t recognise such stuff in Hamburg, yet. Not at those venues where I used to be.

So, time was flying very slowly and after the cup of tea and coffee we walked to the venue of the evening. (I just pass the fact that there was a recordstore with a free concert of a local punk band. We put our head shortly in and walked away …)

We went to the Pumpe where I felt more familiar with than in the Exlex. I like small venues … by the way … I would have never find the venue and I am very sure, I wouldn’t find it without a map again. I was just walking with Tim to get there and I trusted him. 🙂 The man of I LIKE TRAINS were preparing the Merchandising table and first people (girls) were ordering wishes for the show. That was funny (inclusive me).

The concert started with a band from Berlin EMPIRE ESCAPE.

The music was good and I am hoping for more to come. It was their second concert at all and so … there is a lot of potential. The cutest thing of them was probably the giving away CD during the concert. They donated their first recorded song “Magnolia” to the audience. They said as well: The last concert we hadn’t a self recorded CD yet we were donating a Roxette CD. Funny guys. I like “Magnolia”. I bought it after the concert for a 2,50 Euro donation. You absolutely can hear which people inspired them. But that is not bad at all 🙂

I am happy with this chilling song now and proud owner of Single No.27. 😉 But honestly it was time for I LIKE TRAINS. I couldn’t wait any longer and so did the girl from Paris and some people who have seen them before in Hamburg in January as well. Tim was still looking forward but he very soon twittered following thing:

“I was invited to see this gig, with no idea what to expect. But when these guys walked on stage wearing Chelsea boots, I knew all was well!”

Even when the band was doing the tuning and put all the stuff in right order on stage … the crazy ones were shouting requests. David just answered: We’re not a jukebox. Mmmh. But the setlist looked gorgeous anyway.

Shortly after 10pm the show started with “A Father’s Son” and I felt in heaven. I forgot all my pain and it was the beginning of an endless smiling show. The sound was at the beginning a bit crazy mixed but after two songs I was complaining. 🙂 And the mix got better for me in the first row. 🙂

I was really happy bout the mixture between newer and older songs and I really do love “Hope is not enough”.

Pardon me for the bad quality of the video. I did it with my mobile phone from the last century. 🙂

You could see, these men had the biggest fun in Kiel in front of this audience. And it is not the first time that I just thought at this concert … I am a hardcore sucker for bands with awesome drums and voices that are deep and warm. That is pretty much earsex for me. 🙂

“Victress” is one of those songs as well … such earsex song.

Highlight for me was definitely my favourits song “Sea of Regrets” which one I didn’t filmed in Kiel. I had no time.

And really the best of the best was the encore. It was one of the “Jukebox” songs. It was “Spencer Perceval” … “Deception” and “We go hunting” got declinded. But hell, yeah… this concert was awesome.

After this wonderful concert I was able to watch in a smiling face of Tim and so I knew it was a good choice to ask him to come with to Kiel. We both sold the Merchandise table empty. I left 40 Euros there. And promised, I didn’t want to do it. I just had to buy anything I still don’t have had and Craig just asked me finally to buy one of the new shirts. And I did. Now, I am owner of the English Breakfast Tea mixture of the brand ILTea and it is such a delicious tea. Great. Next time I have to bunker it. 100g is not that much for a tea junk like me.

Tim took some great pictures of these guys…

We have been talking to the guys after the concert and well it was a good chat and I was thinking bout going to a second concert after that one for just a nanosecond but I am sure the best memories of a great evening are honestly made if you don’t fight it to have it again and again. This concert was probably one of the best ILIKETRAINS concerts I have been to and it was my forth one and it will not be the last one.

The bought CD/DVD album “This Skin full of bones” which one you can buy at ILRe. I love most the acoustic song versions. Songs that are just reduced to its natural tunes. That is fantastic.

The journey home from Kiel was pretty long and I got home into bed when the birds started to sing and I was completely overslept and Saturday became pretty much horror for me but that is another story and for christsake I keep the small TRAIN sidekick story (that happened on the train between Kiel and Hamburg) out of this review because … because … the post is quite long enough.

I LIKE TRAINS are still on tour:
Tue 18 Oct 2011 Switzerland, Zurich @ Rote Fabrik
Thu 20 Oct 2011 Italy, Rome @ Traffic
Fri 21 Oct 2011 Italy, Turin @ Spazio 211
Sat 22 Oct 2011 Italy, Conegliano Veneto @ Apartmento Hofman
Mon 24 Oct 2011 Austria, Vienna @ Chelsea
Tue 25 Oct 2011 Germany, Leipzig @ Conne Island
Wed 26 Oct 2011 Germany, Magdeburg @ Projekt 7
Thu 27 Oct 2011 Germany, Osnabruck @ Kleine Freiheit
Fri 28 Oct 2011 Belgium, Gent @ Charlatan
Sat 29 Oct 2011 Holland, Amsterdam @ Sugarfactory

Go and get to see them. It is all worthy.