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I have been within few weeks the second time to a contemporary dance show at Kampnagel. I have to confess honestly … it was not the best day for me in concentration, healthy condition whatever. I was tired at the evening of Wednesday. All the evenings with cinema and concerts before and the (kind of) never ending work were nerves wracking and it was not the best base to get to a contemporary piece of art. Anyway … I wanted to see it. I went together with my sister, two friends / colleagues of her and the partner of my small sister. We met each other at the venue and we knew not much stuff about the piece. Except of those facts:

  • Music will be used by Philip Glass that was composed for that piece
  • There will be dancers on stage AND the same choreography danced on historical videotape that will be screened simultaneously during the show to the live dance and music.

    Sounds confusing?! Yeah, absolutely … especially with the music of Philip Glass who is a master of minimalism.

    There was a introduction before the piece and a discussion afterwards. That was both too much for me. 🙂

    I tried to let my brain and mind relax while watching what happened there on stage. There were three parts. Each of them was around 20 minutes long. And each of them was with that minimalistic (tantra sounding) tunes by Philip Glass. I didn’t know where to focus on and honestly after the first 20 minutes I was anywere. The music made my body numb and the watching to the stage made my eyes terribly tired. I was fascinated anyway by the dance. The dancers had to be always in the right rhythm in the same speed and the most confusing stuff with closed to similar movings during the whole time. I like stuff when something is happening on stage. And this absolutely did it.

    At Part II I gave my concentration completely up. I was watching the beginning motions and then I just had to close my eyes and to “get anywhere else”. In Part III I was back with my eyes. 🙂 … “Mass dancing” is always impressive. I did enjoy the third part pretty much. Besides the fact that there happened a lot on stage and on the videoscreen … I was pretty much happy that I needn’t to dance. They had a lot to do and they had a lot of turnarounds to do. Fast, in the rhythm, in synchronicity like a living copy to the music fragments of Philip Glass. Impressive.

    Yeah, it was impressive. I liked the idea of letting dancers do the original choreography of a piece that had its premiered in 1979. The video is showing this version and it is overdubbed to the version of today. Yeah impressive.

    You need to stop thinking too much … just watch and ignore the music as music for itself. You have to dive into this whole art piece and then you will enjoy it. By the end … I was comparing the differents between the 1979 dancers and those from now. That was a funny concentration game.

    If I should compare the latest contemporary dance “shows” I have attended. I would prefer the one from some weeks ago – Sadeh 21 … BUT I was happy to have seen this piece.