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© Rebekka Kebbel

Alright … Very soon a whole week a ago (10-10-2011) the Opening Concert of all Germany gigs of Tori Amos happened in Hamburg. I haven’t seen Tori Amos since 2009 when I went to a concert in Prague, Czech Republic. This time I had the concert in front of my “homedoor”. I just needed to walk to the venue. for some 25 minutes. So, it was hopefully all that worthy to pay 80 Euros for the ticket. Tori Amos was supposed to play exclusively songs from her newest album “Night of Hunters” together with the Apollon Musagete Quartet that recently won (in 2008) the highly professional decorated and popular ARD Musikwettbewerb. I was really looking forward to it (and bought in a moment of weekness a ticket for their concert next year here in Hamburg. 🙂 ) It should become an awesome evening because the sky was weeping the whole day inclusive during the time that I was walking to the venue.

I met in front of the venue and inside of it more than a handful people I am familiar with because of the long time “membership” of the German Tori Amos Forum and I am probably one of the most cruel so called TORISTs because I just went to see Tori for one show on this tour. I cannot effort any more. Unfortunately. If I could, I really would.

Tori had a smart guy from UK with on tour as his support. His name was Mark Hole. He was kind of great. I liked his stuff and all his CD’s were sold out at the Merchandise after the concert. Funny story he broke up with his girlfriend before he went on Tour with Tori … so he wrote a song called “Tori Tour” … we were allowed to listen to.

He was singing himself in a couple of hearts with his starting song “Dirty what I like”

But anyway, anyone was waiting for the Lady. The stage was just covered with some linen and a chandelier. I like it when everything is reduced on stage to simplicity cuz you are here to listen to music and to see an amazing artist that is loving her “sister” the Bösendorfer piano.

© Rebekka Kebbel

Tori Amos started quite short after 9pm with the amazing “Shattering Sea” … the first song on her new album and the song with whom I directly felt in love after listening to it for the first time. Tori looked beautiful. You could see it (from the second row) that she was looking kind of “healthier” than in 2009 and she was singing like an angel. Her voice was amazing. I remembered the kind of harsh rocking Tori voice from her 2009 tour. I am very thankful that she started the World Tour in Europe. So we had the perfect chance to experience her full range of voice and how happy she seemed to be on the stage.

After “Shattering Sea” that never should have stopped the tunes of “Graveyard” – a lost and forgotten diamond in her repertoire was coming to birth and I started to weep of luck. And it followed an amazing new interpretation of “Suede” with the Quartet from Poland that played themselves in my heart. I loved it how they supported the sound of Tori. It was not an orchestral overload. It was definitely a positive support that gave the most songs a new touch and a wonderful sound.

Toris Setlist was really big and long and I was really positively surprized about it.

This was the official setlist and I need to add that Tori didn’t play “Pancake” and “Daisy Dead Petals” but she did play “Leather” instead and this was amazing.

I need to tell you that I was weeping during the whole show and I cannot tell you which song I loved most of all the songs she played. But definitely I loved “Mother” and “Cooling”.

These songs are just classicals of Toris backcatalogue and it is always a big joy for me to hear those songs in different variations from time to time. This “Cooling” was a really beautiful one.

I was pretty happy that Tori was kind of talkative this concert. I know concerts where she didn’t talk or just “communicate” with the audience. This year it was wonderful and she loved the cooperation with those boys of the string quartet. She introduced them twice to the audience.

They played a piece called “A Multitude of Shades”

And before I finish my very subjective review … I will give you the two biggest highlights of the show for me … “Star Whisperer” of the new album and “Siren” a classical b-side from an OST for the motionpicture “Higher Learning” from the 90s … anyway …

I was very happy at the show and afterwards. I had the chance during the stage rush to stand in the first row and it was absolutely not embarrasing that I was stopped after walking home from the venue by working people from a big circus ensemble that actually is doing their shows very close by … when I was singing highly “tipsy” some tunes of Tori alone in very fashionable clothes. It was a weird situation anyhow, but I liked it and hey, I am living in Hamburg. I am allowed to sing after midnight on the big place close to the soccerstadium.

Thanx Tori Amos for that night. It was one of the best concerts ever I have seen by you and in this year. 80 Euro was it all worthy.

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