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GREEN was on my schedule for tonight. It is a motionpicture made by Sophia Takal an artist from NY. I obviously did a harsh mistake I just read the small note bout the picture in the program of the Filmfest and didn’t try to check out the trailer. So, I had no idea what would happen just as a glimpse of idea. Anyway, I am a very curious motionpicture watcher and so, I just let it come.

{official poster of Little Teeth Pictures}

{official trailer}

So, GREEN is a kind of threesome story based on a story where a couple moves from the City to one small house in the very much forest looking like area where you can find a lot of green. A place where you can be pushed to the basics of life – the natural meanings of love, misunderstandings, conflicts in relationships, jealousy. Well, these were my thoughts while watching it.

Sophia Takal answers on the question “How do we understand each other…” that way.

I was rather confused after watching the movie because I always needed to look after taking track of all the dialogues. It was sometimes a bit too much for my small English. I liked it but I didn’t understand anything. I was very thankful for the music and the Green snippets inbetween to slow down the “speed”. I really wished to see that picture again with subtitles (they can be English) … because I want to understand all the jokes and all the smaller sidekicks in those characters dialogues.

Ah and yes … I was very happy by the end, that this couple found back to each other after those confrontations with this constantly talking second lady that lived close to the house in the forest. It was not clear where she lives. She just was there any time …

Anyway, great picture … especially for those people who are able to understand this fast American English … for all the others as well … you will understand the feelings and the bodylanguage of the actors completely.

Chapeau to Sophia Takal who directed, wrote and cutted this movie. I know what this means my sister is in the filmbiz as well and she did it quite often for documentaries but that’s a sidenote.

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