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So, I got finally invited to come to the last Valravn concert (again by Tim). It was it all worth. Absolutely. But let’s start from the beginning. I knew, that this band was existing. I have had the chance to see them just for more than one time but I always missed them (at festivals) because of the f*** time schedule and priorities. Anyway, this time I was supposed to get just to this only wonderful music magicians from Danmark. And while getting to the venue I had a lot of Deja Vus.

But first of all this is an interview of Valravn where they describe their music best for themselves.

So, as you probably have recognised or experienced it is always difficult to be at one concert together with someone who is hardcore Fan and you are the one that has heard just one song or maybe two of the band and you just know that they are exist.

Me, for my part I knew Valravn just from one hasty crossing through the medieval village Heidnisches Dorf at the WGT 2010 … and from that following video clip.

And pardon me … that is not really representitive for the sound of Valravn. I knew Faun before … so it was pretty easy for me to enjoy the sound mixture of traditional instruments and electronical gimmicks.

Anyway, I had pretty awesome two men by my side at the concert and the Odyssee to get to the venue was amazing. We’ve been dropped out at one busstation and I said, we have to get that direction and Tim said, we have to choose the other direction. Well, the woman’s intuition was right but wasn’t the first choice. So, we got to know the old industry buildings of pretty Wilhelmsburg and we have seen the Soulkitchen house where a wedding party took place … and we were going the longer road of course. Tim and me took a break at Café Pause because we were too early at the venue. (that just built up more deja vus for me)

Before the show started to long time not seen friends met each other and both of them has their roots in Kiel and both are now living in Hamburg. Tim and Thorsten were Valravn Insider and I just could listen to their stories. It was kind of cute anyhow.

Valravn were fascinating. You could see the fun they had on stage. You were moving very fast by yourself to the sound of the drums and the beat. You were very fast drifting up into northern mythology kind of and I wasn’t upset that I didn’t understand any lyric. I loved the sound and the joy in their music.

Like in that song they played: Seersken

I cannot describe the music. I only know that I felt happy anyway. I was very tired of the past week and I felt crappy and honestly I was seeking for reasons not to get to the concert … but even on the way to the concert itself those thoughts were blown away. I received such wonderful songs like that here: Hr. Pætur og Ellinborg

I am still speechless and I am very thankful for Tim to enforce me to come with and to Valravn for this beautiful concert. I have made some pictures with the mobile (mostly crappy) but I bought one album which one I adore …

Here another highlight for me at the concert: Lysabild

So check Valravn out even when they will not be on tour for the next time. They are doing a break after constantly touring for 6 years as they said.

interesting links to the band:

Valravn Net
@ Facebook

and here some pictures for you of yesterday’s evening. All pictures are done by myself.

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Edith says: The way home from the venue was kind of spooky. It was a really trip. I mean we’ve been walking home from the venue to the S-Bahn station. That was for someone like me who had a feeling of “minimum 20km on the feet before” nightmare. I couldn’t walk any more. Besides the fact that I didn’t tell the two men I had with me. But we three had a good chat bout old concert stories of other bands. And while reaching the trainstation and the fact that we didn’t miss the train and we felt warm after that walk … I wasn’t upset anymore that the boys wanted to walk.