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here is your chance to win a signed jason webley cd !!!

we (or better:spamdora) bought it and got it signed by jason when we saw him play in hamburg  .

and because it was such a great evening and everything  and so on we want to share the great music of jason webley with you.

[my silver edding was the star of the after show…]

all we ask is your creativity !

“What is your definition for “The Cost of Living”?

[here is an example and this “example” is the original post…

so please read it 🙂 ]

You can post the answer right here. Be creative. Write a poem, paint a picture, write a short story. The best one … of course that is pretty subjective, will win an autographed Jason Webley CD “The cost of Living”.

The contest lasts at least 1 month until October 26. Please enter only with one piece.”

you can post your entry here into our commentbox.
and if noone enters i get the cd…spamdora said it…so why am i writing this?
have a great weekend friends 🙂