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SVBWAY TO SALLY “Schwarz in Schwarz” (released by STS Entertainment, Germany)

Yes, of course, this edition is the special Fan edition including a DVD with a concert of one festival and some Interview about the album. I have to confess, SVBWAY TO SALLY is the most steadiest rockband I love, adore and fancy. SVBWAY TO SALLY is kind of religion to me.

The sound is anyhow typically Subway to Sally … it starts with an impressive guitar riff. The melody is added with ethno mystical sounds … the lyrics are pulling you into a story. There are songs existing – as Bodenski (lyricist of the band) explains – that tells you a story and there are those others who let you dive into feelings, conflicts and stuff that touches your psyche or the big questions of life. Subway to Sally always were perfect in both categories. I love the story songs anyhow always more. These songs are those with whom I grew up as musicjunkie and with whom I grew up as Subway to Sally. I know this band since 15 years. “Schwarz in Schwarz” is the 11th studio album of the band. Their trademarks are being themselves to crash songs with oriental ethno sounds, metal riffs, the violin lines and Eric Fishs epic singing and the chorus lines. Subway to Sally is a band you either love or you don’t. There is not an inbetween.

Subway to Sally is – that is not a secret – a completely awesome Liveband. They make brillant albums but even those albums that couldn’t convince me – could touch me at live appearances and I could find my peace with those not so good songs. There was only one album that I didn’t like – I still don’t own it – Engelskrieger.

Here you can see the performance of “Das schwarze Meer” the title track of “Schwarz in Schwarz” performed at the 20th Wacken Festival.

“Schwarz in Schwarz” – Black in Black —> explains everything. It is an album about the dark sides of life. I got the feeling that all the songs explains that there is always a good side to the shadow and there is in future the better time. For me, this album is the most “positive” one of any of them. It is an album for your aweful times where you need to be pushed up to feel better. I usually feel always better after listening to Subway to Sally cuz this band is extasy for me. A very legal drug. Even then when a lot of people don’t understand it.

I love the lyrics of Subway to Sally because they work without modern words. You can get a feeling how much power the German language really has.

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