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Tori Amos – Night of Hunters (released at Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Berlin)

I got a book. A beatiful collectors edition book including even more beautiful pictures, all lyrics an extra DVD and well … it is just something for people that honestly got very very fast obsessive to special editions. As I mentioned before at this blog, I have heard “Night of Hunters” before the release with the help of the NPR stream.

The first thing you can listen at this album is the fact it is reduced to earthy, natural tunes. There are orchestral lines and arrangements. It is probably an album that fits to people that had problems with Tori before, probably. After first time of listening, I liked it pretty much. After these last albums of her called “Abnormally attracted to sin” (which has some good moments but was sometimes kind of lame) and “American Doll Posse” (which one I haven’t heard once completely because I cannot stand it!). This album describes a story. This album is a completely fitting work like it was “Scarlet’s Walk”.

Tori Amos says in the documentary bout her album that it is a song cycle which one takes place from dusk till dawn on at River Bandon right outside in Kinsale, Ireland. There is a couple has just made the atlantic crossing from the New World to the Old World in the sail boat. There is an old house and at sundown their is a shattering going on at the relationship of this couple. The man is leaving the place. He carrys the force of Water and she carrys the force of fire.

The album starts with the crisis of it. There is no back story and you as a listener are just dropped in and you can explore the story.

The stories are written extremely epically and it is just put into 21st century. Mythology meets modern world and the magic landscape of Ireland.

My personal thought of this album is … I cannot listen to it in pieces. I listen to it as a complete work and I love it. All songs have soul and are not destructive to my own sense of taste.

The album contains 14 songs and I am very happy that Tori didn’t wrote again an album with too many songs. Quality is better than quantity. I am always fine with “small” albums that has songs that are gross.

Watch here: Nautical Twilight @ Brigitte.de

The songs are produced with orchestral pieces and Tori Amos is going on Tour with a Quartet.

Watch here “Carry” – the first single of the album.

I cannot say anything bad about this album, yet. I just like it and it is the best since “Scarlet’s Walk” from 2002 for me. Thanx Tori

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